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HMS Sovereign of the Seas by Sjors - DeAgostini - 1:84

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Welcome to my log.


Sovereign of the Seas was a 17th-century warship of the English Navy.

She was ordered as a 90-gun first-rate ship of the line of the English Royal Navy, but at launch was armed with 102 bronze guns at the insistence of the king.

She was later renamed Sovereign, and then Royal Sovereign.

The ship was launched on 13 October 1637 and served from 1638 until 1697, when a fire burned the ship to the waterline at Chatham.


Source: Wikipedia. Click here for more information.











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Welcome , welcome , welcome......


@ Grant,


I was thinking by myself how long it will takes before you are running to the smell of popcorn.....

Not long  :D  :D  :D


@ John,


You are alway's welcome and the holiday was not that good....

But that's a long story.


@ Nenad,


I have save a seat in the front for you...

The one with the armrests....... :P


And because I had a little time I place the parts for the bow section.












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A few more friends has arrived  :D  :D  :D

Welcome to all and each of you !!!!!!

The popcorn machine will be placed at the end of this post.


@ Jason,



I've just waiting for you  ;)


@ Dave,



And all the credits goes to my own Moderator, Anja  :D  :D

And thank you ( even I almost did do nothing )


@ Ken,


Take a seat and welcome


@ Mark,


You are still a nice gentleman.

You are the only one that see my new floor  :D  :D

( and also the only one who new that we have a new floor  ;)  ;) )


@ Christian,


Thanks for pointing out the name the Dutch sailors give this beauty....Gouden Duivel or Golden Devil......

And I just love challenges !


@ Piet,


Be careful with Mark please !

It's a ...man !!!!

And you now that the Dutch are people with a lot of ambitions  :P  :P


Then something else.


On a Dutch forum there is a builder named Pietsan and he has build the HMS Diana in such way that I'm drooling when I see the pictures.

He also just started to build the SoS from De Agostini and I will follow him with what he is doing.

He is explaining it on a very clear way, almost better then the manual.

And of course he is building quicker then me because I have still the Aggy to finish.





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I see that almost everyone is arrived.

There are still seats available for the late people.......

Popcorn is there ,bar is open so we can continue......


I have make the frames and glue them together.

Also the first lower deck is in place.

Glues and pinned.















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Hello to all of you.


First I have to welcome the visitors who arriving today......


@ Jan,


Specially for you.....nootjes_en_popcorn_11.gif


@ Chris,


Welcome my neighbour from the South :D:D

How many issues do you have at the moment ?


@ Ulises,


You are never to late my friend and I see a nice bottle of wine in your hand ;)

I save a seat for you just by that little table with the two glasses :D:D:D

And already thanks for looking into the future......masterpiece pffffffffff ;)


@ Sam,


We don't have a bath, only a shower and that is big enough for more then one duckie uh.....ship :P:P


@ Mark from Phoenix,


It's not standing, only sitting.

This build can take a long time because I have to finish my Agamemnon and of course work!

90 % of the builders here are retired and I belong to the last 10 % ( joke old people ) :D:D:D:D:D


@ Subvet ( do you have a real name ???????)




Take a look around and enjoy like everyone else ( I hope )

And how far are you with your project ?

Any pictures maybe ??




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Take a seat somewhere....

Maybe on the balcony ?????


@ Tom,


Pictures are not that difficult.

When you have written your post you see at the right side on the bottom ( next to post ) more reply options.

On the left bottom you see Attach Files.

Under it choose files.

Go where the pictures are on your computer and dubbel click on them.

They will be placed at the post.

After you done it ,hit the Add reply buttonand voila......pictures :D:D


@ Chris,


We are at number 85 so a little further then you.

But you can start now and open a build log....... :P


Then an update.


I make the stern with all the funny stuff.

Also the wood for dummy cannons.

Support beams ???????

You can see it for yourself in the pictures.
















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