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La Jacinthe by aviaamator - schooner 1825 - 1:20

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Greetings to all! Gaining more air in the chest, begin with an overview of the ship model "La Jacinte". Exactly one year ago I started this project, pre-assessing their own capabilities and finances. The choice of this prototype is primarily due to the fact that the model is repeatedly built by other modelers, reviewed many aspects of the construction, a simple mast and rigging, a small amount of artillery, and just a beautiful ship! Personally I really like the oblique sailing weapons! And so, to view!










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I'm also looking forward to this build. It looks great so far. What scale are you using?



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That was really funny! It shows that I'll have to learn to read the headers as well as the text!


Tony the Dodderer

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I'm totally enthralled with this build!  I've been wanting to build a ship (any type really) in a real large scale (even 1:48 gives me fits sometime).  I'm trying to figure out how long and wide your model will come out.  I can't find the actual dimensions of La Jacinthe anywhere.  I'm guessing it was about 120 feet long?  So your model will be like 6 feet?  Much like models I saw once on display on the Sydney Harbor quay.  Great work so far. 

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if u want to know what about it look like here is a couple of picture from the repliqua  at BREST:



Of the bank I look at an ocean of pleasure, or the tumult attracts you, this global movement will be your tipcart!




current build:   royal caroline


buid finished:  la recouvrancehttp://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/3025-la-recouvrance-by-ofencer29350/page-2?hl=recouvrance

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Avi, I have a question regarding the frames in the first several pictures.  It appears that the frames are rabbitted (maybe the term is dado'd?) on their forward side.  Can you tell me to what purpose those rabbits serve?  I thought at first they were for stiffeners that fit between frames, but when I look closely I can only see this rabbit on the forward side of each frame, so there is nowhere for a stiffener to fit into on the next frame.  I hope my question is understood.

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Captain Al! The answer to Your question: first I wanted to make the frames from thin strips glued to the block. To do this, made templates of the frames of two halves which are fastened with pins. Using a router made a groove in each half of the pattern. This groove laid thin planks greased with glue, secured with screws. After drying, the glue will get here are half frames. But after much reflection, I abandoned this technology, and used the old tried and tested method of building models which I've used previously. Where shaded black color - must be removed, it turned out symmetrical groove.







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Thanks Avi.  I think I get the picture.  What you're saying is that the groove resulted from removing the thin strips and it now serves no real purpose but it is not in the way of anything and not visible.  So no need to fill it or make new block frames.  Just one of those curiosities that you put in so you'd get more replies.  I get it. :P

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