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main & foremast stays

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I am having trouble with the mainmast stay on Victory. No problem with rigging and blocks but when I start the zig zag sequence the first 2 look good but when I continue I am having trouble with them pulling together.


I held them in place then tied with clove hitch that did not work, then had trouble holding them in place trying a wrapping. I gave up after my 4th try and loss offa mile of line.


I am missing something maybe lack of experience? checked the sight and could not find a detailed monkey see monkey do.


Could not find a u tube rigging for dummies!


Appreciate any wisdom from the masters.



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Hello John. I'm no master, and much less in 1993 when I built my Heller Victory. I remember having that same problem back then. The knots didn't look even. I solved the problem with clove hitches but I see that didn't work for you. My suggestion is give it another try. If it worked for me, don't see why it won't work for you.


Best of lucks.


Edit. I remember trying tying the clove hitches knots in the outer part of the stay, but what ended working well, was tying the knots in the inner part of the stays. Hope this helps.

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Instead of a clove hitch try a constrictor knot.  Tie the constrictor knot around the stay and snaking, but do not haul completely tight.  Get the snaking into the proper position being careful to not draw the stay and preventer closer together then do a final tighten on the constrictor.  It should not move after that.



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