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Hi all,


3rd shipment with issues 5-8 arrived today!


This is the contents:




Also this little surprise that I had forgot about:




I usually use the old pencil-through-papercup trick and would never pay for anything like this.


But it's for "free"   :D :





New update when I start building. (This evening I hope.)

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Hi guys, 

Thanks for the comments. Bill, I agree that it would have been nicer with some ship parts instead of the marker, but as I said : It's free, and as Bob said: Free is good  :D


On to the build:


This shipments two first frames:




As usual the laser cutting is great. Just had to sand away a little of the charring and they fit nicely together.


The two "fillers" in the bow:




In my previous post you can see them as parts 2x2c.



3 frames and the "deck" mounted:









The last 3 frames:





And here mounted with the 3rd part of the keel:








And that was all of the hull for now. On to painting some decorations. They include two cherubs, two gunport lion heads and one knight. I also have to get more paint. Being color blind this is not my favorite shopping trip... :P


Until then...

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I completely forgot the decorations:



The two Cherubs:




Lions for gunports:




Stern decoration:




And the knight:




But all is not well in paradise.


It looks like there's something wrong with frame number 9.


Look at this:





I wonder if frame 9 and 10 should switch places.


On the right frame 8, this is how frame 10 looks like.




as does frame 12,13 and 14.


View from the bottom:





I know there is a inward curve here but not as severe as this.




I will have to contact someone about this one way or another. The same mismatch is in the manual also. But it still seems wrong. And of course I have glued the frames well, with the deck on top fixed with AC. 

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Bob: The frame is too wide, and probably the whole shape differs between those two frames. But I contacted Edition Atlas who sent the complaint to the main office, and hopefully they send it along to DeAgostini so I can discuss with someone in charge of the lasercutting. And there is no other build logs  :(


Dr Per: No choking. Just a long "what the f***..." (You can add a infinite number of asterisks here) And yes, I go for the laser error.

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Zoltan: yes I know. But nothing happened there since 30th of May. (Maybe something made him give up ;) ) It was that last picture from the rear that got me checking my frame actually. One can clearly see frame 9 sticking out.


Bob: this is my disadvantage. Them having to replace the lot.

If DeAgostini won't help me I guess I could try and copy the shapes of the frames on slips of paper stuck in between the reinforcements. Then sand away on one frame and add wood on the other...


Either way, big mistake from me not checking thoroughly and from them missing this in production.

(Or, I'm totally mistaken here  :rolleyes: That would be embarrassing...)


Well well, on to painting decorations!!!  :)

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Jan: Thanks for your input. you are right, but I can still give them some extra work in compensation for my extra  ^_^


If 9 and 10 change place the curve would be smoother. (Outside part of reinforcement P2)



Also the inner shape of the frames indicate that 9 and 10 should change place:


All frames up to 8 have this little shelf, then 9 is straight and 10 has the shelf again. 12,13 and 14 are again straight. (red elipses = shelf, black = straight.)
So, anyone building this, do not glue frames 9 and 10 in place until this little problem is solved.
And yes, I should have seen this before I assembled and glued them :huh:  but I was blinded by the otherwise excellent quality of the kit. 

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Zoltan: thank you!! been looking for builds for ages! Great!! :D


Bob: The parts are numbered by assembly. So 8,9 and 10 are frames. 11 is the third part of the keel, 11a is the reinforcement of the keel joint. 12,13 and 14 are the frames on that part of the keel. Next will probably be frame 15, 16 the 4th part of keel with 16a being reinforcement and frames 17,18 and so on.

Looks like a mess in writing but makes sense when you're building the stuff.  :)

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Bob: If you look at the last photo on page 6 there's a quite a dent in the planking  :(

But the Italians seem to be more worried with the sturdiness of the hull. Wonder why, it's a static model after all.  :)

oh well, We'll have to see. It might do with some sanding and such in the end...

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Morning Gentlemen,


Having some experience with building the DeAgostini Victory, I can tell you that sanding/filing some bulkheads to shape is common. Yes, I would say it is an error in the way it was cut, but they expect the modeler to correct it themselves by either filing and/or sanding it to the correct shape when it becomes time to plank the model. I experienced the exact same thing with my Victory. Not a big deal to correct, really. 




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Ok, I'll go along with the frames as they are. just me getting picky with age I guess  :D


Thanks all for input.


I don't think it is being picky. It looks like all the frame 6's are like this so i am sure you are not the first to bring the matter up with the manufacturers. If they have prior notice that there is a problem they should either fix it or at least add a note to the instructions to let the builder know an adjustment is needed. remember we pay good money for these kits especially part works and they should be respectful of that. (I can dream i suppose) :huh:

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