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And we'll give the same answer every month :)


The quality of the casting is quite good. That makes it a bit (not much) easier to do a great paint job.

I'm wondering: when they keep sending you one piece of carving every month, this buidllog will go on for ages.  :)

I guess there will be monthly packages with just a bit of wood, and loads of statues and lions to be painted.



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A new shipment has arrived.....


And this is the contents:

Mainly reinforcements for the upper deck



Another Cannon:




A couple of Griffins:




Tiny men:




A "license-plate"




And now we come to the point where quality-check thought: "Well, F**k this... I'm out of here" 

This is probably the wood for planking the hull.... Seems like bamboo or something. And I hope to God the will be a second layer planking or we have a serious problem here...












There is no planking shown in this months building instructions so we'll have to wait and see in late December/early January...


I'll try and get time to start building this evening... But I think tomorrow will be the day....



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Hi Mr Pucko

That planking has let the whole thing down, up to now the quality of your parts looked really nice but those planks are really bad, :o if i were you i would email them those pictures and request replacements now, you may get them before you get to the stage they are needed  :huh:

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Thanks all for the reactions... I will go through all the planks and see how they are on both sides now that the initial shock has settled. The crappy side can go inwards. Did this on a Caldercraft kit that also had terrible strips, they promised to send replacements twice and never did so I gave up and built it anyway.



Hi Pucko,


don't worry - make the best of it:


I would recommend you, to order the wood in your prefered quality from a reliable dealer. So you are free to choose much better kinds of wood - pear for exampel.

Maybe you will also need a circular saw for modellers purpose.


Cheers, Alexander

If only I had the money to do that...

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I went through the planking material and decided that most of it can be used by facing the bad cutting inwards... 


Because of horrible teenagers and a deadly manflu it took some time to post the update. 


There wasn't much to build this time but here it is:


The reinforcements from the frames to the "well" should be at a 90 degree angle. but even if the frames are positioned by slots in all the reinforcements they where still off. I knocked the worst of them loose and glued them so that mostly they where at an angle.




Fitting the second "well":





This is how she looks now from above:



And front:




Now on to painting the decorations....


I'll be back!


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New shipment has arrived! 


The front part of the main deck, a couple of decorations and hull planks:




The two decorations:




And these are the 107 2x5x300 mm planks I got so far:





Quality was MUCH better now. Maybe they just sent me some leftovers last time...

Not much have been done due to two teenage nervous breakdowns and Der Frau having a dito, the two younger kids having christmas celebrations at school and me in the middle of it all looking stupid... But I'll try to do a little painting of the decorations now and then... and fair the frames... and plank the hull...


Until then....

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A little late for the comment about the bamboo but I had the same problem.

I only use the bamboo to light up the candle's!!!!!!!

I had some wood left from the Aggy and Hennie ( who is also building the Aggy)had some wood left so I used that.

Much , much better !

Good luck with the flu....

It  just leave our house...... :P



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Hello folks...

Due to a lot of things happening at home I have not been able to do any building...


I have to do a lot of sanding and fairing on the frames and can not do this in the kitchen. 

My work has also moved to a larger building and we have a lot to do there putting everything in place so I just can't sit down there and sand my ship as the others run around doing all the work...

But a new shipment has arrived. Issues 29-32.



This was in the bag:




Mostly hull planks (81 of them. Good quality), one section of the deck and 3 decorations.

There are now 188 hull planks at 300mm each. Thats 56,4 meters...


(Around issue 48 the second planking will start so the poor quality planks will be covered)




And the decorations:



I will start painting the decorations again as soon as things quiet down here. Have patience...


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This is a mini-update. I have finally got some time over to start the planking.


Off to a humble start:





As you see I really suck at planking. But there will be a second layer so...





The planking goes towards the bottom of the hull. I have to turn her upside down and therefore broken some of the tops of the frames. It'll be fun gluing them back on.... :rolleyes:


Hopefully I'll have something more exciting next time...

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I too am thankful for double planked hulls to help cover my mistakes and I have also broken many of those extended frame parts off when she is upside down. I just mark where they came from and reattach later when I am done planking the bottom.


It is good to see more work being done on the actual ship! Smart of you to wait till you had a lot of planking to do a bunch at the same time.  

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