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Advice needed for tying blocks

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I need some help/advice please with regards to tying blocks to yards, bolts etc.


I have shown a picture below of where I want to tie my block to a bolt - how should it look? Must I reeve the block line when it is around the bolt (same for yards) or can I just make a knot?



Also, if you look at the picture below, what is the correct why to tie blocks nr 128 and 166 to the yard?










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OK kidding aside, I don't use bolts on the yards UNLESS IT'S CALLED FOR, I usually tie them directly to the yard. If there is no space shown between the yard and the block, I just tie them on with a small knot, which usually not really visible. But if there is a space shown between the yard and the block, I will wrap it, tie it off with a single knot and then seize it or wrap it around the line between the block and yard. There are books available to show the the proper way of rigging a yard or the ship, which I would suggest getting one if you are a purist and want to do it exactly by the book.



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Hi Heksanol


I have a method that is best explained by looking at your first photo.

Where you have seized the block in the photo, imagine the loose end you show passing back through the seizing.

That makes a loop that can go around the yard and the loose end can be pulled to tighten the loop.

Some glue seals it all up



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I second the above. And I second the above the above, the part about not having eyebolts on the the yards on a wood spar. But if you have to have them, and your going to use the blocks as configured in the photo you provided, I would use a large package needle and sew the end back through the seizing, after you passed the "tail" through the eye of the eyebolt.. If this wont work (thread too thick?) You could be sneaky and unlay the strands of the "tail" of your block and cut two off as close to your seizing as possible then use that packing needle to sew the remaining single strand back under your seizing after you pass it through the eyebolt. If you ditch the eyebolts (which I would encourage you to do) you could pass the unclipped tail around the spar and THEN do the "sew it under" trick. This would mimic actual practice to some degree and keep unwanted bulk out of the overall rigging appearance.




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Thanks for the replies, appreciate it.


Just to avoid some confusion, the first photo is of the bowsprit, thats why all the bolts are on it :)


Ok, I will use the info given above :)


Another question, I assume when you tie the blocks to the yards, you must sure about the direction/angle of the block after tying down the block, for when you want to do the rigging later?

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I do not think there should be eye bolts in the sprit either.  



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This clip should help you. It's the method I use too.







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