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Hello I just got a new Dumas kit I know I may be getting ahead of myself but I was just wondering How do I apply the fiberglass resin/epoxy for the finishing layer waterproof/?


1.) Use a brush?

2.) just tape off and pour directly on the surface.

or is there another way or recommendations Thankyou!

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Hi there,


I've not done what you are asking about, but I would definitely recommend a test run - I have done fibreglass & epoxy sheathing on a full sized sailing boat & I wish that I'd practised first. You (probably) can't take it off, you might only learn what thickness would be right after having done it.


good luck with it, 

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I have some experience working with fiberglass on full sized boats and I mostly made a mess of things until I learned a few simple tricks.


First, use a high quality resin/ hardener system, not the stuff from the auto dept of the local big box store. There are a number of high quality boat building resins, all expensive but when you consider the cost and time spent on the kit, a resin that doesn't cure properly is bad news.


More hardener is not better! You must mix in the proper proportions. Too much or too little hardener and you will wind up with a sticky mess. Select a quality resin/ hardener system that comes with a reliable way of metering resin and hardeneR. For the system that I use, calibrated mini pumps are available that screw into the top of the resin and hardener cans. By alternating squirts of hardener and resin, you can't go wrong.


Use glass cloth matched to the application. Fiberglass cloth is cheap, so make sure that you are using nice thin material, not something intended to patch a car fender.


Drape the cloth over the hull dry, and then apply the resin hardener mix Work the hardener into the cloth until the weave disappears. Don't put the resin on first and try to "glue" the cloth to it. Believe me, I tried it and wound ep with air trapped under the cloth and bubbles that were impossible to squeege out. Once I learned this trick by accident, I had no trouble working with fiberglass.


Roger Pellett

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I just noticed an error in my post.


The second sentence of the last paragraph should read, "Work the mix into the cloth with a plastic squeegee.


Also, make sure that the resin and hardener are well mixed. The system that I use says to mix for a full minute. Another good reason for using a quality marine epoxy system is that some of the better brands have great free customer support information.


Roger Pellett

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