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s/s Mariefred by chborgm - Nordic Class Boats

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I have just finished my Mississippi Riverboat, and like all of us needed another project. After reviewing several build logs of non sailing ships I decided on this Nordic Class Boat. I just ordered it today so if your interested standby, and pull up a chair.



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I just noticed that I miss spelt the name of the ship. It should be MARIEFRED . How do I change it in the title?







press "edit" for your post # 1

then press "use full editor"

There you can change the topic name of your thread....





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Well I got the kit yesterday, opened up, but did nothing other than take the packing dividers out of the box so the I could see all the wood and parts. The lumber looks very nice, the detail parts look average. they are packed in clear plastic boxes which I did not open. The plans are extensive, and show fairly well the steps for construction. The instructions are minimal. They consist of one sheet of basically generic statements. An example: You should cut the upper side of the strip (planking) if overlap occurs.


I still have a little bit of work to do on my Mississippi Riverboat, so I hesitate starting this one.



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Well I was waiting for some parts to finish my Paddlewheeler. I though I might do a little on this one.




This is the first lazer cut sheet for the keel. Compared to other kits this appears to have been cut with a updated machine. The cuts are very fine, and there less char to be removed. The 3 layer plywood is of good quality.


The little "bridges" that need cut to remove the part are on 1mm wide. 


The only reason I mention this stuff is that Nordic Kits appear new to most of us so I thought that this was worth mentioning.


The dotted line on the keel show parts to be removed for the RC drive.


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hello Clarence, I really look forward to this log. I loved your last build, especially the lights you incorporated into the model. I really like these non sail vessels, and you have inspired me to build a riverboat along the lines of your last one! thank you and good luck with this.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Well I have made a little progress. Have the hull half way planked.




One more comment on the kit. The planking wood is top grade. Grain is stright, edges are square, and finish very smooth. 


I made a comment before that the locating holes for the items on the deck get covered up when you plank the deck. Here is a picture of the aft deck before planking.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Havemade quite abit of progress since the last post.

First her is a picture of the stand the is part of the kit



The shots below are the pieces of the main deck rear cabin laid out. this shows the little tabs that align the parts.




The starboard side of the hull 




And a view of the fore deck looking aft




Another view of the fore deck. Still have a little work to do.



I am very happy with the quality of the material in the kit. I dont like the locating tabs because once assembled the little tabs are visible and you need to add some strips to cover them.

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thanks for the comments.

The kit is good except for the positioning tabs. They are so accurate that if you are off some where 1/32 it carries through and you end up with pieces that don't quite fit. I have had to cut them off in places. 

I don't know what the deck wood is, it came from another kit. I think it is an oak. I got an idea from"cathead" when he built his scratch "Bertrand"




He cut the planks first and randomly stained them, (natural stain in my case), and then randomly laid them. I liked the effect so I have used his idea on my last model also.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Have moved on a little bit, I added the lights on the main deck and secured the "boiler" deck.




In the center of the deck is an opening for the stairs from the mail deck. The other item forward of this is a connection block for the wires for this deck and the one above.




This show the aft portion with lights on.




The forward portion with lights on. 

The interior lights show up a little bright. I may add a resistor on this circuit.

The railing is not from this kit. The kit white metal stand posts were replaced with some brass I had. The kit had one rail and these as you can see has two rails.




This top view shows all the little locating hole for the bulkheads and deck furniture. 


Ok back to work.





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I have made some progress since the last up date









I have made some changes from the plan so that I could do the job at my skill level.


posts between decks are called out to be wire and the rails wire. I didn't think I could do that so I made them dowells. The also need toned down which I intend to do.


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Hi Clarence,


And to think I once thought of purchasing this kit. Struggling enough with my Portland build, MarieFred would

send me to the happy farm for sure. Planking a hull would be a new experience for me. Still sitting on that

barrel in the front row.


She looks absolutely exquisite. Can't wait to see her on launch date.



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