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The 7-Provinciën 1665 by YankeeD - Scale 1:50 - according to drawings by Mr. O. Blom (First wooden scratch ship build)

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The work has stopped for a couple of weeks. Finally I underwent corrective surgery on the righthand. But before it, I was just able to comple some things.

As said I am trying tio finish all on the gun deck.



And the waterpumps..








Then the frontmasttop





And finally the gunport hinges. I am working on a method to build them easily in quantity, production line like..



I hope to start building again in a couple of weeks. Have a nice weekend!

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Just a short note and update as it has been quite some weeks now. And I do not wat you to think I stopped building ;)

The hand has healed well so we can start building again. But we first went to Down under for 5 weeks I had hoped to visit the Endeavour but is was closed until end of this month.


I am still thinking about the mass production of hinges so in the meantime I started working on Het Torentje...

All still dryfit and first test models. And not to my satisfaction but we are getting there. 





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Just before we go into the new year a last update. As the coming weeks the warf will be closed.

I was not happy with the gallery and the method of the filling blocks. It put me in trouble for planking. So I went with an early advise of someone to make the bottom parts of 1 piece of layered oak. I used 3 layers of 6mm wide that nicely fits the size and shows an imaginary planking.

The pictures explain the rest I think.












I am going to fill the last part up and then plank it with same width small pieces.







20191212_172051 (Custom).jpg

20191212_172042 (Custom).jpg

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As a month has gone by lets update. As there were some holidays and some other projects not much has happenend.

I finished the galleries bottomsides. Also the windows under the Spiegel were placed.

Next steps I decided to work on the Fortuining and getting the top side railings in the right shapes.



I guess the glass wasn't perfect in these days as well, so I am happy with the results656954270_20200121_151132(Custom).thumb.jpg.557853aa80d62aea840d79e5be094e53.jpg





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So yet another month passed by. Some weeks holiday and some other work came also by so not much happened.

I started to work on the Gunports in the Fortuining. I had to do quite some repair work as the ports did not coincide very well with the frames, as in the drawings. In the end I cut out quite some area's and rebuild them anew. Both sides are done now. Still at each side 3 upper gunports, that is for the coming days. After that I can start on the Fortuining.


As I had a lot of sanding to do there was quite some movement in the frames so I put some reinforcement between the sides.



The rest speaks for itself, a long and tedious job. But the better this is done the easier it will be onwards. I intend to make these ports without rabbits or gunport hatches.

As I read somewhere that these were not always fitted. (making life easier for me). Although maybe I change mind later on....










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The Corona has left us with some good spare time so I progressed well with the fortuining (klinker in english I believe).

I succeeded keeping the numeber of planks the same everywhere but has to slope them some to come to the final result.

I installed the last 3 gunports using pre-fabricated rabbits. So I took out a good part and inserted the pre-fabricated rabbit.


Now I am busy sanding the rest of the gunports. Next step will be the beams of the verdek and fixing the details on the gundeck and closing that.

I will probably leave the gunports of the gundeck closed or slightly open, but I will not install any canons.

I also set out the internal lines for the remaining decks.


















Checking that the internal deck lines run horizontally paralel.


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Happy Easter everybody!

A nice progress in the last weeks. I painted the orlop using this as a test for later decks that will be seen. I liked the outcome but it has to be a little lighter brownish.

Started also mounting the bits and pieces on the orlop. As I will close the main deck soon this has to be done first. A pity you will not see anything later on. I will not mount canons on the orlop, I will close most gunhatches or slightly open some for fresh air, as was sometimes done in these days.

Then I started working on the deck beams for the halfdeck and finished setting the masts in the correct position. They will be loose but if the 'vissingen' are placed and fixed they will be automatically have the right setting. Pictures speak for itself I think.











A few pics on the process of the deckbeams.






20200412_171041 (Custom).jpg

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Beautiful work and a shame indeed that it will all be covered up. You should put these pictures in a book to keep with the model so you can show the great details of these lower decks and framing.

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Finally caught up with your build. Beautifully executed. I've always built merchant ships but for a scratch built warship I will be building this one and as far as I know the book from Otto Blom is the best out there. 


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11 hours ago, YankeeD said:

0,4mm and it is soft copper, so no need for annealing in fire or so. bought at a Dutch internet modelshop

What is the name of the Dutch internet modelshop? So I can see the material that you got and compare it to material that I can get here. 



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