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Red Dragon (Chinese Junk) by riverboat - Artesania Latina - 1:60

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   On my return ,my first thought was to do the "Marina ll" ...... but as you can see I changed my  mind. When I purchased the Marina ll, I also bought this Red Dragon kit . Hobbylinc had a pretty good price on it, so I ended up getting both. :P Both are different from what I've been doing . The Red Dragon kit is really not an overwhelming

chore, as you can see from the photos of whats in the box. I'm not complaining, after all it's not an expensive kit.

I will say this though, A.L. really does a nice job of merchandising their kits. The material is decent, except for the basswood ply. I like basswood, but not for keels or frames. I think the Marina uses real ply. Well anyway,

I'll post a couple pictures just to get started with this log. I'll star posting some of the build as soon  as I straighten out the bend in the basswood keel :D.... as always thanks for look'n in....












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 a little up date time........ following are a couple pictures showing frame assembly... pretty straight  and forward.... all supports and fairing are done.

I'm not going to double plank this build as they suggest. I 'm really not a fan of double planking, once is enough  :P  ...... The hull width is fairly shallow  so 2 bands should be sufficient , I'll have to line her out and see how it works .Hopefully next time around   I'll have some planks laid up.

Till then..........Cheers! !  :cheers:

















This frame was warped out of the bx ... straighten out pretty nice.






Thanks for look'n in.... Frank                                


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Off to a good start Frank. Looks like you got her straightened back out nicely. 


I have been noticing warped false keels coming out of the box a lot lately. Mine was the same way but unfortunately I didn't get it straightened out quite enough as I found out after planking. :( Oh well, it still works. I'm wondering if they are not getting packed correctly or maybe if humidity is getting to them though if that were the case I would expect to find more problems with the wood so I'm leaning towards packing.

Not a big deal just another step to be mindful of when starting out.

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Hi Frank


Can I take the seat next to Mark please as I also wish to follow your build.

You did a wonderful job on your last build, you showed other model builder what can be done with a little bit of an  imagination and 10 out of 10 for that.

I am sure you have something in mind for the Red Dragon.

What ever you do you will do a fantastic job with this build.



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Hi There You Old Sea Slug,


Just when you thought you were safe !!!!!!!!!!!!! I found ya.


Mind if I tag along, I'm fairly low maintenance as long as you throw me an odd bone, at your age that's all I'm likely to get anyway.


Now I do have one question :- All your other builds have been Junked up what will you be doing to Junk up your Junko Chino ( that's what it says on the box ).


Good to see you back at the table my friend, I hope you have lots of enjoyment from this build, she's different and looks to be a lot of fun.


Take Care and Be Good



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Hey Tony, nice hearing from you....... you are too funny my man :P .... whats on your agenda Tony ? .... would like to visit what ever you're doing.

I thought I'd play it easy this time with the Red Dragon...... she's already a junk ,so I don't have to junk this one up.... Pretty clever huh!!. 

We should get some skype time in '



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Hi Buddy,


I'm working on an Armed Launch from Panart, it's in the kit section, I will be putting an update on soon so you can check it out of you want.


I'm sure your Junk wont be as the box illustrates by the time your finished, a lot of Frank Magic is going be used much to our pleasure and awe.


Unfortunately in my experience most of the Keels are warped and need a bit of correction, I don't know what the answer is as most are still attached to the flash, the other annoying problem is the Dowling, never had a straight piece yet, anyway you've made a great start mate and I'm looking forward to following along.


One thing mate at least you don't have a lot rigging to do, that's gotta be a bonus. She certainly looks an interesting build and I think your going to really enjoy building her, problem is that when you get a ship that gives a great deal of building pleasure it never seems to last long enough.


I agree with you about Skype time, it's been way too long since our last chat, as a bit of warning mate I'm gonna suggest tomorrow AM for you, that's PM for me. Just send me a P.M. if that's suitable or any convenient time for you, I'll be here.


OK my friend, speak soon


Be Good



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I saw the other day that you had another build going.......but during my work week,  it's hard to spend time here  {i'm usually dog tired}.   looks like a great kit.......bet your think'in of doing some weathering to 'er.    do what you do best!  ;)   glad i've finally found your build.....be pleased to watch 'er grow!


warpage is a problem........most of the time,  it's a matter how long they've been in the box,  and how it's packed.   the deck stringers {beams} are a good way to straighten them out....especially since you've sen the problem early.......before you glued the stringers in  ;)    well played orange!

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  • 1 month later...

Thank you Mike, Denis, Michael and Edwin  for coming on board......... well it's about that time for a Red Dragon update.

Since our last meeting I've managed to accomplish finishing the hull construction, main deck and painting of the hull and attaching the main deck. I'm in the process now of working on the upper deck ,,,,,,,, the following pictures  will bring you up to date........ as always Thanks for look'n in




As you can see this is the first strake laid.... What I failed to do was to taper.... would you believe that??..... the way this hull laid out, it looked like there was no taper at all..... well , things went OK until we neared the garbord I then had to do some creative fitting :P I will never ever do that mistake again :(

luckily it turned out half way decent  :)








































Again......... thanks for stopping by........   






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Really nice work Frank.  Looks fantastic!  Great planking and love the weathering!


I was going to ask the same question that Don did but saw he beat me to it.  You're right about the Age-It products being good on some woods but not others.  Looks great on the lime deck (assuming that was what was in the kit).

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