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Continental Frigate Confederacy 1778 by Dubz - 1:64 - kit based semi scratch

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Thanks so much Mike, Hervie, Popeye, B.E., Thomas and the likes. Much appreciated. If you guys have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I'm more in pictures then writing, kinda easyier for me ;)


Anyway starboard is done for the moment, a tricky part is the transition the forcastle makes to the beakhead, very "roundy".


Some might think why did I used all the filling. There are some reasons for:


1st: It helps preserving the lines when sanding. Pear is much harder to sand as plywood so I always removed a bit too much of the bulwarks while sanding the pear and began loosing the lines.

2nd: It's easyier to "understand" the lines (and will be much easier and more fun to do the planking). It's also much more stable.

3rd: I personally like it as it gives me a feeling of more progress and I can touch things and better do foreplanning.


Finally I used maskingtape to kinda "primer" the hull. That makes it easier to see minor problems as the distraction of all the colors is gone. So we might see a small bobble at the forecastle/beakhead that might need some more love ;) Will do that wenn portside is done.

















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Thanks Popeye, Joe (nice to see you here), Ben (indeed you should finish your great Confederacy!) and all the likes.


What has happend. Stem, keel and the hull got their "wedding".




And then the false keel made of three parts were installed.






And oiled.






Gettin' close to the first planking jobes ;)





Edited by Dubz

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Thanks so much for all your comments and likes :-)
The last weeks I worked on the counter planking. Not an easy task imo and some preparation and research were neccessary to "understand" this part.
I started with a little jig to bend the planks as we have kinda curve to achieve. I had to modify the Jig to "overbend" the planks to get the wanted bending.   
To understand the curve and to make sure I again used a template and began planking.
Next were the preparation of the ports.
I then decided to to put them a mm higher for my planking. A bit of cheating as I did not wanted to remove the plank.
Now I need a "special" plank here:
First coat of oil, I always love the surprise how the outcome will be :-)
Checking with the template.
I might have removed a bit too much of the stern filling but with the counter done and a better understanding of the lines I will recheck this. Until then the counter will not sanded down too much.
Captain is pleased.


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Thanks Chuck :-) It is indeed difficult but if you wanna show the planking there is no other way imo. 


It was and is still very hard to understand all the lines and curves especially when they are perspective distorted on the drawings.


Anyway one big hint, if you want to work with fillers as I did, do the finetuning of the filling AFTER the lower counter .. a bit easier then .. hehe ... I used some woodfiller to correct the shape at the stern even more then I allready did (after I got a imo good shape of the lower counter).








A bit more finetuning of the outside curves where neccessary (maybe even some more flatening is needed ...) when I compared the stern with the drawings. It's subtil and I guess hard to see but it is there...













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As usual . . . super work, Dirk! How do you get (parts of) the plan on those transparent sheets? That is a very good way of checking whether everything turned out according to plan.



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Greetings Dubz, what kind of pins are you using. Everything I tried was to weak or I was concerned about a piece splitting.

I am intently watching your work on the stern which I am trying to do without screwing it up. Thanks for the detailed photos.

Regards, Harley

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OMG Dirk! What did not fit? The planking looked OK to me? Are the sweep ports too low? Was it trying to get the same amount of planks as the plans? Could you not spile a few to make up the difference? Or am I on the wrong track? Your build is beautiful and I know you are meticulous, what is your solution?



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When things go well this is a very fun hobby, Dirk. But when the #%* hits the fan, as so often happens in ship model building, sometimes it's best to take a short break and work on something else like fittings or cannons. Works for me.

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I did some investigation with a top down process. Set the plank that is "crossing" the gunports, the plank I would not have reached with the planking I did.




The I checked with a template the position of the marks on the bulwarks ...








Self explaining I guess. No idea why.


Another indicator why the "new" higher marks might be the right ones. I always wondered why Chuck and other did not notched the sweepportplanks that much as I had to do:










And now check here with the "new" position, haha, at least that will be a bit easier the 2nd time ... :D




Damn, maybe I'm not good enough for a big ship like this ... or some laser**** again, so much trouble with this build until now ... hmpf ...








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Hey Dirk,


I wish I had my entire build log for my Confederacy - you can find it in the scratch build section - but most of it was lost before the big crash.  I built my model for the most part scratch off of Chucks plans and had no issues like the ones you are experiencing.  I marked out carefully the location of the wales and planked the first layer and then added the second layer of the wale and black strake on the hull first and dyed mine black before proceeding with any of the hull planking - that approach worked well for me.  


Take a break but dont give up !

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Thanks guys, @Chris: I love your build!


I did some more research and the only explanation seems to be wrong lasermarks by ME ... my fault that I did not measure before ...


I printed the plan on some transparent film to get the needed run for the plank directly under the gunports (that works even there is a minor perspective distortion) as this is the plank I need/want to reach exactly.






First check and the same offset I measured yesterday.




It looks like that the sweep ports are wrong too.




Crosschecking with woodstrips.




Next will be doing some more filler stuff, then the sweep ports with 3 minor historical corrections according to the original plan, then planking again (maybe without simulating the caulking ... )







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Dirk -

I admire your tenacity.  You work to figure out the problem and then you identify ways to resolve it.  Bravo!  A "lesser" modeler might have thrown the ship against the wall and walked away...


I hope you make Model Expo aware of the errors in their kit - they need to be fixed at least for future builders.  I know for certain that I would not purchase a "Confederacy" kit unless the problems you found are rectified.  That's a LOT of money for such a flawed kit.



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