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Barque Stefano by donrobinson - MarisStella - 1:63

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Nice work, Don!  The hull blocks are fabulous.  I noticed the Norton detail sander in the picture above.  Aren't those great?  I have three so I have a range of grits ready to go at any time!

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Samson: Thank you so much, you are right about the kit it is a real beauty. MarisStella takes a lot of pride in their products


David: Thanks. I can't take too much credit for the blocks as they were laser cut. All I did was to install the sheaves and shafts into the blocks


Jim: Thanks. MarisStella makes the blocks fairly easy to build


Mike: Thanks Mike and congratulations again on your completion. The decking is beech, I think it is a fine looking wood well worth having on hand


Dave: Thanks. I also have three of the sanding blocks always loaded and ready to go. Hope you are feeling better


OC: Thanks for stopping in and for your comment

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I gave a closer look to Stefano... its has a very personal  line and a lot of grace!  Its also a  big model... more than a meter long. And so far it sure reflects that line and the ships grace awesomely.



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Thank you all for stopping in, for the likes and comments.

A small update to show:


Carving out the bow filler block for bowsprit



More carving to allow for future rigging to pass through and also anchor chains



Holes where drilled in deck for masts, this is a dry fit only. If the rake seems off compared to the plan it is only because the plan is not hung level on wall. I need a better qualified helper!!



Rails where installed. These were laser cut pieces, they now need to be sanded and narrowed by about 2 mm



Showing the pieces installed under the rail (can't remember proper name now :default_wallbash:)



How he looks now with the wale installed.


 Next is the top gallant rail and it's related pieces.

Have a good day

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Hi Don, back to work on Stefano, made a decision to forego the copper plating below water line and have used 5x1 mm walnut, it looks really good. Have copper plates on last build, Diana, and its a lot of work but worth, thought I would go a different route on this vessel. Looking very much forward to your working on the stern, particularly the grating and how you handle it, also having a little trouble trying to figure out the sequence and build properties of the foredeck. Will also be ordering the stanchions for aft cabin as I have no confidence in shaping or even cutting them all the same length.


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David: Thanks so much


Mark: The filler block is mostly balsa but for some reason, I can't remember why, there was also some basswood I put in also


Mike: It's true, it's true haha! Feel free to use it anytime!!!


Messis: Yes, below the waterline will be copper plated, Thanks


OC: Thanks for stopping in


Robert: I would like to see your Stefano build, post a picture here if you want I would not mind or better yet start a log :).


Ian: hello, have not heard from you for a long time. What have you been building lately?


Hubac: Thanks so much, Good of you to drop by

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I finally got the Stefano back on the bench this past week and made a little progress after a long break in progress on him. I took a short break to build the Liburnian Novilara as a little side diversion. A trip to North Carolina also used up some shipyard days but was well worth the time spent.

 It took me a little while to get back into the mindset again with Stefano, in case you are thinking not much got done in a week😉.

I always feel lots of pictures helps hide the lack of work and progress, so here we go.....



The goal last week was to  install pieces 40, 41, 42 and 43. I failed in this as I did not get the pin rails installed but they will be up next!!

The letters are showing you what colours to paint: BM=matte black, WM=matte white and WC= wood colour or varnished, poly etc.



First up was to bend the side stringer(40) and the top gallant bulwark(41) into shape. the side stringers are 1.5 x 4 mm strips and the top gallant bull warks are 1.5 x 5 mm strips. I gave these a light soaking in water then used a simple iron, as shown above, to bend them, The little indents on the inside of the curve are easily sanded smooth before installing.



Clamping the side stringer in place, pva glue was used to allow for positioning of the piece



Side stringers are installed and sanded, ready for painting. A little note here is that I sanded mine flush with the rail when in fact there should have been a slight overlap left. Not a big deal as everything will still work, just one of those things that happens when you leave something idle this long.



Here you can see the top gallant bulwark has been installed. I gave it several coats of diluted acrylic paint before gluing it into position. I used thin ca for this, I would hold it in place apply glue to a few cm`s of it hold until dry then move along applying glue until the end. There really is no other way of gluing a piece this long, pva will not work as there is no way of clamping. Shorter pieces could have been used and been easier to handle  but would not have looked as good.





Masking the top gallant bulwark in order to paint the main rail(37)



Tape removed. Here you can also see the top gallant rail is being installed. This is laser cut on a walnut billet




And here is how he sits with the top gallant rail completed.


Thanks for watching





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