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HMS VICTORY by Hank Strub - Mantua - Scale 1:98, 1805 - Reconstruction & Completion as an Admiralty Styled Model

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On March 22nd I took protective custody of a Mantua 1:98 Scale kit of HMS VICTORY that was partially constructed, damaged and repaired, and never completed. This model belonged to former NRG modeler Gerald Shaw, Chattanooga, TN. Mr. Shaw passed away in 2012 and was a close modeling friend of fellow modeler Ken Smith (NRG). Ken and another local modeler Bill Mitchell (NRG) went to Chattanooga last year at Mr. Shaw’s request and received most if not all of his ship modeling tools, supplies, books, etc. as well as this unfinished kit.

When Ken asked me if I was interested in possibly repairing, rebuilding, and completing the kit, I wasn’t sure that it was something that I had an interest in doing. However, after some thought on the matter, I decided that this challenge was worth the time & effort and graciously accepted this offer.

This particular kit was introduced by Mantua in 1971 and I’m guessing from the browning and brittleness of the paper instruction pages that it is at least an early ‘80’s vintage kit. Thanks to Toni Levine (MSW) pages 3, 4, and 5 that were missing have now been sent to me and the originals were found and will be in my possession later today (03/28/13). As far as I can tell the kit (while no longer in its original box) is complete – I still need to inventory all the parts to this kit that I received from Ken. As I will be constructing this as an Admiralty Styled model, the masting,etc. will not be incorporated.

Additionally, a set of detailed VICTORY plans was included (M.A.P. Services) and at the proper (1:98) scale of this kit. They should prove very helpful in this reconstruction/completion. I also have 13 of the 15 part S.I.S. (1984-880 article on kitbashing this model and the other two sheets were (once again!!!) provided by Toni Levine (MSW) - Thanks, Toni!!!


The initial assessment of the model: (see photos)

1) amidships damage sustained when an iron bed rail was dropped (might be detectable in the photos); gunports out of size and will need to be corrected.

2) right and left quarter galleries and inner transom will need to be rebuilt entirely (well, the stbd side will need to be replaced); transom will be completely rebuilt and curved correctly.

3) bottom coppering will be left as it is - it's not perfect but it's not that imperfect.

4) upper deck planking not to scale -  will be stripped of all items, sanded, and then veneered with properly sized planks.


I will need to make a "punch list" for demoing the kit and also a "construction punch list" for the rebuild once it is reduced to that stage.


I will try to give a fair account of this project as it progresses. It will be a long term project in conjunction with my current Anchor Hoy build.


As of yesterday I had removed all the metal gunport lids, stripped the upper decks of all deck fittings, furniture, etc. removed the out of scale flag lockers and begun stripping the transom of all trim.

I will post further photos next week.





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Hello hank

You probably know the 1/98 mantua is the art776. There is one build on the site as far as I know. GEORGEK is building it, and may help you.

I have in the past month given a partiall build of the same ship to the brother in law . The manual is rubbish but does have a complete parts list, and two double sided plans, and it is definitely on line somewhere. I was looking at it some weeks ago, but alas I cannot locate it again after a long search. I surmise although your kit is old, the list of parts will be more or less similar. I will have another look around and see if I can locate it..... I look forward to watching your build grow .......regards DAVID

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Thanks so much for the reply, information, and advice. One question: what is "art776"? I will check in on GeorgeK's build and see what's going on there. Having built Mantua's ROYAL CAROLINE I am aware of their instructional "shortcomings", etc. Thanks for the reminder.


I did a search of Mantua parts available thru Cornwall Models (UK) and after looking over what I had been given, I realize that the transom pieces on my kit are plastic (actually, very nicely molded decorative pieces) while the current version is a brass etched sheet for the transom/stern quarter galleries. I was hoping to find some replacements for the quarter galleries as those on my model will need to be removed (at least the stbd. side) and rebuilt. I may have to completley rebuild the entire transom, as well - something just isn't correct about it. You mentioned the entire parts list as being one of the sheets included in the kit - that may be one of my missing sheets.


Once again, thanks for the nice reply!

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    Check "dafi" build he should be able to help you with PE parts for your build. There was someone in the past when it was MSW1 that was selling PE sets and part's for the Victory at this scale, but I can't remember who it was. Maybe someone here will remember. Keep the pictures coming, we are all watching this build.

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