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Stepping masts in a plank on bulkhead kit

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"When do I cut the hole in the deck for the masts" seems to be a very common question.


Here is one solution:


Take your center keel and lay it on the full scale side view of the ship. Draw an extension of the mast on the center keel down to the level of the bulkhead slots. Or, as close as you can without interfering any of these slots. Make the slot the diameter of the mast. Now glue two pieces of scrap to either side of this slot making sure not to interfere with any of the bulkheads.


Cut a tenion on opposite sides of the mast making sure that the sides of the tenion are parallel. The width of the tenion should be the same as the thickness of the center keel less a hair so that it can be inserted and removed easily.


This slot will give you the proper rake of the masts and keep them centered vertically on the hull. Bevel the end of the tenion and the top of the tenion to match the line of the center keel.


Remember to add the depth of the center keel slot and the thickness of the deck to the nominal length of the lower mast.


The mast should like something like this

Side View


        \     \

         \     \   <---   mast

          \     \   < --- deck line

           \     \    <-- tenion 

            \     \


Front View


    l      l

    l      l

    l      l

     l    l

     l    l

     l    l

This sounds a lot more complicated than it is. I hope someone finds this useful.



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