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Yacht J-class by IgorSky - BOTTLE - Scale 1/300 Finished

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Hi everyones!


I decided to give this building the separate log.

Some time ago I bought a new material for the making of the sea for one of my current projects. I've never used this silicon, so I decided to first try it with some simple project.




Thus, about one and a half years ago, I made this hull for yacht, but at that time I was not satisfied with the result, so that the hull was lying in the drawer of my desk all the time. Now I have decided to slightly improve this hull and use it for this project.





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Hi Igor


Aha!   Sooooooo....it's true.  Your giant matchsticks really do exist: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/13801-bluenose-ii-by-cwboland-–-bottle-–-small-scale-unknown/#entry426702  ;)  ;)  ;) 


Nice work on the deck furniture, as always!





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Here we go again, can't stop him playing with those huge matchsticks ;)


So you found where I found out about it, Patrick .......




Some major beautiful work. I love the detail on the cabin's e.a., and as usual, you astonish me with those enormous pieces like the binnacle, and winch. It must be hard on your eyes from time to time.


Now I see you about with the steering wheel, I remember I've got the PE for that too. Need to add it a wheel to the Sea Witch. Thanks for reminding me :)



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Many thanks Carl, Mike, Bob and all whom is interesting this project for your support and feedback!


Igor, I can only aspire to your level of detail in my BN2 build. Looking great at your usual small scale

Oh, Carl, I think it just looks complicated, but in fact it is pretty easy in making :)


Really great work Igor!  Glad you're posting here as well as the SIB site.  I wish I could build as cleanly at 1/64 as you build at 1/300!

Hi Mike! I'm sure to make the good model in 1/64 scale is much more difficult :)


And here comes another beautiful boat from the IgorSky boat yard.  She's looking great.


Thank you Bob! :)


I would like to clarify that this is not the model of a particular yacht. I have used the drawings of the hull of the yacht Rainbow. But I have changed the proportions. I also used the photos of the yacht Endeavour to make the deckhouses. Length of the hull of this model is 95 mm and I chose the scale of 1/300, only on the basis of my preferences :)


And a small update. I made a lot of small rings. I'm going to use them as eyelets and clips. (I'm not sure that I correctly translated these terms)















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