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Explorer find sunk German U-Boat of Mass. Nearly 70 yrs after being sunk


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A lot of people did not know that U-Boats were patrolling off the East Coast of the U.S. during WWII and quite a few would surface to look at the New York skyline.



David B

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There is one sunk approx. 20 miles south of the Sand Island Light off Mobile Bay that divers have pulled artifacts from. It should have been left alone and treated as a seaman's graveyard, a lot of merchantmen were torpedoed off of the east coast down to the Carolina's.


If I remember right in World war I German submarines accounted for approx. a dozen sinkings off the east coast.

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Your link brings us back to this page, not the news article.

Sorry about that I made a mistake.  I redid the link and tested it out.

David B

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Your link brings us back to this page, not the news article.


No problem on my side, got the news article.

Lately on the Smithsonian TV channel there has been two very interesting programs.

One is called Hell Below which being broadcasted Sunday evenings. The other one is called The Battle of The Atlantic.

Well worth to watch.


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