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HMS Bella by foxy - Sergal - fictional sloop using the President kit (title edited by moderator)

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:piratebo5: Hi. 
Well its been plastic ships that I have built and when I saw this wood ship on E bay I had to have a go.
Got it cheap, well cheaper than the real price.
The frame was made up, so I took it apart and re did the frame.

The box art which many here must know.

Next it was the frames, with a bit of work I made them up.
Needed something to strengthen in between the frames, so went for balsa.



I decided to make this into a sloop with 10 carranades and two smaller pop guns on the poop deck.
The barrels that came with the kit I will use but need new carriers as the wood one's that come with the kit did not seem right.

Will double plank but also use mahogany sheet for the top half.
Well that's the plan.
More soon.

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Thanks Mike.
Being my first build on a wood ship, be it fictitious, its turning out a fun build.

Most people here know whats in the box.
But some things are missing,(thats ebay for you) but no worries.

So started the infill between frames with PA glue.


Placed the wood transom plate on at this time.

So going around in about three days.


Till I came to this shape.


More soon me hopes.

Frank. :piratebo5:

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Hi Frank :) I'll tag along with this build if you don't mind mate ;)

Missing bits of wood are not as critical as missing bits of plastic as they are far easier to replicate.

Best wishes with this build :)

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Cheers Keith and Bob.
Thanks Bob for that advice, I am finding wood is a nice medium to work with.

Well started the planking of the first wood, this is 1/3mm and having seen how other do this part I took the plunge.


Did one side and left the pins in.
Have been told that most place the pins/nails only half way and remove.

But have seen that some do leave the pins/nails in for the first planking.



Next looked at the grating, found when putting these together that there was not enuff to complete, so ordered some more from Cornwall model boats.
As I a altering the ship it will be different from the kit version.

So more later.


Thanks for looking in.


Frank.  :piratebo5:

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So a little more progress with the carranade's, found the seats that came with the kit a bit basic.
So got onto Cornwall model boats and had some sent.


Using the carranades that come with the kit.

Had to try them out after cutting out the openings for the guns.



Plus checking that they fit the bill.

Frank  :piratebo5:

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Cheers Bob and Mike.
Well like I said its a fictitious build so trying to put most things on it.
For the top sides I have some mahogany sheets, so adding this to the ship.



Its not every day you get a chance to Improvise as you have to follow the ship type or shape.
But some sort of realism to the period is advisable.


Thanks for looking.


Frank.  :piratebo5:

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Cheers Bob.
Well next its the anchors and ladders that have got my attention.

The anchors come in metal for the lower half and wood, the wood is not very demanding just a shave off one side.


Then filing a square hole for the base.


The steps also come from the kit. Have added not only the steps up from below but also for access to the poop deck and for'd .
So four in all.


The picture also shows the side galley's I will be using. This to give a Spanish flavour to the ship.
She was captured and then put into British use.


So overall picture of the progress so far.


Thanks for looking in.

Frank.  :piratebo5:

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Cheers Bob mate.
Well a little further on with Bella Donna.

Made up some shot racks using my milling machine, makes life a lot easier.



Then took a look at the tops, these are very thread bare and need more detail.


Started by going around the edges then fill in.


Also looked at the side place of ease, these are metal but added wood and brass.


Turned out very nice.


The basic shape and colour, with a bit more detail these should look good.

On with the transom, this again is metal but added plastic background and brass mesh same as side windows.
This to give a Spanish feeling to the captured ship and in British service.
Well that's the story so far.


With a little more paint detail and I believe these are ready to mount later.


Thanks for looking in.

Frank.  :piratebo5:

Edited by foxy
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Cheers Bob.
Had a rethink on the type of ship and have decided to go for a Brig with two masts, yes I know its not a through deck ship but will see.

Moved on a little further with some work on the big and little carranades.


Plus work on the pin rails.



Planked and added mahogany sheet to both sides.

Plus added carannades, this to fit top rails.



Frank.  :piratebo5:

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Cheers Bob and Don.


Hi well have a change of plan and at this stage its possible I believe.


First the ship is going to be a Brig with two masts/jib and jib boom.

The scale will now be 1/96 down from its original scale.


The steps will go and be replaced, the belaying pin racks will all so go as there to bulky and be replaced.

Which means that some plastic items can be used, 'but very little'.


I hope this will work, so far it looks ok.


More pictures soon.


Thanks for looking in.


Frank  :piratebo5:

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Another up date on this very Interesting ship,(for me that is) :)

Started adding the side pieces.


Plus some steps for those who would find it difficult to come aboard.

Adding a further stern chaser to the ship.
Captain Allen has just had orders to come aboard and is working out the mast and sail formation he wants.


The bow davits are now in place.

After all is dry I mounted the galley and rear transom.



Plus a test fit of the figurehead.


Thanks for looking in.

Frank.  :piratebo5:

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Hi well its to the flag staff I am working on.


Decided to not use the stern chaser.

The flag staff can be used or from the jib boom.


A picture of some of the other poop deck fittings, I have used Dafis Hammock net stanchions for this part


Have re done the handles for the steps as the dia was to big to scale for this part.

The channels was next with plastic supports I had left over from another build.



Turning out a very pleasing ship to work on.

The next item I put me grey cells to were the Deadeye's, I had three choices but chose the right hand one's, these are 5mm and 3mm for the top shrouds.


The mast are next and the plans are very vague in this area, but think that tomorrow will be the day to have a go at this part of the build.

An over all picture of the progress so far.




Note carranades removed to allow work here on the eye lets.

Thank you for looking in and not bad for three weeks work so far.

Frank.  :piratebo5: 

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Cheers bob mate.


Well it seems this is to old to be of any Interest.

I am enjoying it any way and will continue.


But not here.


There are some excellent builds here, so will still come aboard to see and comment.


But will not post any more on this build.


Thanks to those folks who took the trouble to look in and comment.


Bye for now.


Frank  :(

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Come on Buddy, I'm with Bob, I want more.........please

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  • 3 weeks later...

'Ok'. To cut a long story short I have continued with this because so many are twisting me arm, I will show the work so far.
Added deadeyes to the channels.

Using Amati etchings.


Then it was time for the masts, these had to be formed and shaped.




Next it was the yards.




With added blocks from varies makers.


So it continues.

Thanks for looking in folks.

Frank  :piratebo5:

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Cheers Bob, yep this build is really getting me hooked on wood ships, (even have the Pickle to do now).
Well its on with this build.
Made up the Burton Pendants out of aluminium rod and attached rope to this, found they sit better when hanging.


Which tells you I am on the shrouds next, using Syren rope for this part.the blocks come with the kit and Amati chains.



So to all the starboard side inplace.



Worked on the bow section with grating/heads and then used 2mm maple wood for this area.


Started doing some fancy work for this area too.
Don't know how this will pan out yet.

Thanks for looking.


frank. :piratebo5: 

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Nice job on the shrouds Frank :)

Looking forward to seeing how the bow area embellishments turn out


Cheers Bob, yep this build is really getting me hooked on wood ships, (even have the Pickle to do now).


Yes wood is so much better to work with than plastic especially if adding things that are not on the original kit :)

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Cheers Bob and Mike.
Will show later Bob on the Bow decoration!!!!

Next I turned my attention to the stern, having some spare lanterns and deciding to place davits here I took the plung.


Fitted the Gafboom with parrels.


Took a look at the two boats I am going to use, one on the stern davit and one on the deck grating.



A little work here.

They did not turn out to bad.



Started work on the Bowsprit.



Added sprityard.

Some railings on the poop deck.

Thanks for looking in.


Edited by foxy
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Thanks Bob mate.
Decided that the hull will be White so to that end.



With some sanding and then another coat(sanding) I got the finish ready for spraying.
Used Admiralty White for this.


Came out all right I thought.

Next was the stays, the two fore and main.



Thanks Bob and Mike for looking in.

Frank.  :piratebo5: 


Edited by foxy
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