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hello friends

I'm working on a beautiful model of model Expo the concord stagecouch 

Now I am in the paint stage of the walls and im painting with the primer of model expo 

the pint is that after 24 hours the paint is still sticky

Yesterday I tried to gently polish in a specific place and the paint just peeled off.. 

so i had to take all the paint off from that wall 

I left the other wall all night in the living room with an open window and saw today that the paint get dray still a bit sticky but bether than yesterday 

do i need to take all the paint off or to wait until its will be total dray ?

and for the other wall that one that i start to peeled i use a bit of terpentin with Swab did i do a mistake to use the terpentin ? ther is another way to take off the paint ?

thank you 


"smooth seas do not make good sailors..."



SECOND BUILD :The concord stagecoach 1:12 youtube link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJzCs9umWPI 

CURRENTLY BUILD : H.M.S VICTORY (Caldercraft) : http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/15501-hms-victory-by-michael101-caldercraft-scale-172/

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I *think* that all of Model Expo's paints are acrylics, so you should be able to remove it with water and/or alcohol.


I personally found that ME's paints are really quite terrible, and will never use them again.  I have switched to mostly Vallejo acrylics.

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