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Robin Lous

Greek Bireme by Robin Lous - Dusek - Scale 1:72 - First wooden ship build - FINISHED

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This is something very pleasing to behold. As you said, with all these oars, "hedgehog" is a perfect way to describe it.

Really ingenious how you thought of using the lead foil to simulate leather. It's very convincing, yet simple and uncluttered.

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Finished the lower row of oars on one side and started with the top row...


Top row not fixed yet, because I need to add the loops to attach them to the tholepins. Must figure out how to do that first.


The lower row of oars took me whole day. It wasn't a walk in the park.:(

The leather sleeves were a real pain to install and I broke off an internal beam with tholepins.

Retrieving it from underneath two rows of seats was a challenge...glueing it back in place even more. 

But...it's done and I learned from it, so the other side will be less daunting...I hope.


More soon,


Robin :)


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A really interesting solution to the problem of mounting oars. I've been pondering the same problem myself for some time and I'm taking inspiration from yours. The dromons had the leather sleeves as well, and I was thinking of using aluminium foil from the kitchen for both those and for the flags when the ship is finished. I don't know how it would compare with yours.


Looking very good, and I love your case as well - shows the model off to its best advantage.



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Thanks Steven!

Aluminium foil is a bit tricky I think. Very weak and it crumples easily.

For larger flags I don't think either of them will work. Maybe very thin styrene sheet, or perhaps (tissue) paper with pva glue and water?


Today I finished one side and both the steering oars are on now also.

I was still not 100% happy with the shield I made. The solid black rim...still a bit boring.

So I took the shield off the ship and painted white triangles on the black rim.

Looks very Greek, so I'm happy with it now.:)



I take the rest of the day off. I've a bad cold, so I take it easy.


More soon though...the finish line is getting closer and closer now.


Robin :)

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Instead of tinfoil try to use lead foil. It can be bought in well sorted hobby stores or, of course, over the internet. The best way to obtain tinfoil is to buy a nice bottle of expensive wine. Lead foil is used to seal the cork in the bottle. So carefully remove the lead foil and use the bottle and its contents during a nice dinner.


Led foil is thicker and much "sturdier" it will keep its shape and does not crumble like aluminum foil. 


In Sweden we have something called "oven foil" it is aluminum foil but thicker than "ordinary" aluminum foil. Maybe that can work?





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Thanks guys, the support is not only appreciated. Without...this build would likely have ended in the fireplace shortly after opening the box!:rolleyes:


Anyway, with a severe man flu to deal with...I treated myself to a small fun job. The flag!

Now...a flag is a flag, but 550 BC...flags were still a bit different. On Greek ships anyway.

Like this...


Strange flags....

Not sure what to make of this. Probably a frame of twigs tied together...covered with fabric.

It can even be something like a tube shaped wind vane or like a horo on the back of a samurai messenger (Google that lol).


After some trial and error I made this...


And now painted and with a couple of streamers...


The colours can be anything, but I payed a tribute to the Greek black pottery makers. 

So, different shades of ochre and black


A dry fit on the ship...


Note: the ochre looks yellow on this photo, but that's because of poor lighting.

The streamers are just painted paper. I'll bend the lower one a bit more and I'll make the pole shorther.

After a final inspection...matt varnish and done. 6 hours work....was fun!


Robin :)


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I'll make better photo's for a gallery asap, but this is what it is....






Thanks for watching, thanks for the support, thanks Daniel Dusek, thanks to the Admiral for pretending she likes what I shown her during the build ..."look a 7 part rower seat!", "look! an oar!".:blush:

It was a joyful ride...I love this kit and I liked to do all the modifications. Daniel Dusek did a fantastic job...I gladly build another (but different)!


Thanks again guys...really, without this forum there wouldn't be a finished model!


More soon...but something else!


Robin :)

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Despite the set backs(?) - learning moments ;) - you have created a beautiful bireme. She deserves to be displayed in such a wonderful case. Besides an inspirational build, it was fun to follow, and I picked up some knowledge (which I'll probably will forget again with my memory leak).



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Thanks again,


I enjoyed writing the build log. I tried to explain why I made the modifications and how I did it.

Because it's my first wooden ship build, I probably showed useless and way too much updates, but overall I think it's an informative log.

Light hearted, not overly serious, but still to the point and with good photos and sketches showing what, why and how I added or modified stuff.

The feedback was helpful and motivating. Sad some of the guys are gone by now, but maybe they have a break...like I had mine.


I'm still not 100% sure what my next build will be. One thing is certain...I must tidy my workspace before I start something else.

The mess I make is outright shocking!


My mousepad right now...the rest of my desk is...worse! :blush:


Probably the Duyfken from Kolderstok.



And a larger photo of the finished bireme..2000x1500 pixels


When I get the chance...I'll make some good photo's outside and make a gallery and send them to Daniel.


Robin :)


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