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Making Fire buckets

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I needed to make a half dozen fire buckets for my project so I took a few photo's to show how I made mine. Once I had a size in mind I made a pattern and cut some thin brass to that shape.post-115-0-90050700-1471828397_thumb.jpg I than tinned opposite ends and opposite sides. So that when the brass is rolled into a cone the tinned ends will be face to face.post-115-0-21431700-1471828677_thumb.jpg I used a tapered dowel to help form the rolled cone shape for soldering.post-115-0-50354100-1471828822_thumb.jpgpost-115-0-83548000-1471828887_thumb.jpg The rolled forms are a little long/tall for triming down later. Using a block of wood with a hole drilled just shy of bucket height and snug at the top i than placed a ring of wire around top of bucket and soldered in place.post-115-0-71051000-1471829205_thumb.jpg using the tapered dowel while soldering ring in to place helped line things up.post-115-0-54677800-1471829476_thumb.jpg Should come out looking like this.post-115-0-32613600-1471829575_thumb.jpg the next step was to cut out small disc of brass that was just a bit bigger than the bottom of bucket. with the disc on the end of the tapered dowel a bucket was lower over the end and pushed the disc to the bottom of bucket but not clear thur. Just enough of a lip to solder it in place, Some clean up with files and paper is next.post-115-0-02879600-1471829943_thumb.jpg Lastly some paint and install handle.post-115-0-44437200-1471830107_thumb.jpg Not sure when it became the practice of painting fire buckets red or if there ever was a rule to do so. 

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