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Hello from Virginia Beach, VA


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Building my first wood ship model, the 1819 Schooner Virginia.  Had a few glitches but was able to overcome them, Karl's site with the pictures as he built this was a lot of help.  I'm temporarily stuck now on how to attach the rudder.  The written instructions are possibly the worst I've ever seen.  They attempt to help by giving you a picture pamphlet that is supposed to go along with the instructions but unfortunately, the pictures don't show the more difficult areas.  Also the instructions just list part numbers.  It would help if the part numbers had a key showing the picture of what the part was.


Anyway enough about the griping about the instructions.  I've got the rudder ready, got the brackets out.  I understand the basic idea on how to put it together but don't quite see how to put the brackets together.  Unfortunately, neither the instructions, picture pamphlet or Karl's site explain this.


Can anyone help?

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