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running rigging attachments

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I am close to completing the Artesania Latina Bounty jolly boat as my first wooden model, and have enjoyed the process thoroughly. However, the running rigging to the jibs and mainsail; how should these lines be attached to the hull? There are no belaying pins in this kit, and the illustrated instruction sheet is vague about the attachments. Any advice / suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.


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The running rigging will surely be attached to either belaying pins or cleats. With Artesania Latina they usually just run the rigging to a eyebolt. Not very accurate in realisim.

Regards, Scott


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Hi Gordon;


Belaying pins seem unlikely.  Most likely the running ends of hauling ropes that led down the mast were belayed around the shrouds,  and the mainsail sheet made fast to a cleat in the stern.


In full-size vessels at this period many of the running rigging ropes from the higher levels were belayed to the topmast shrouds,  and were worked by men standing in the tops,  not those on the upper deck.


All the best,


Mark P

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