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Greenwich Hospital Barge, Druxey Revealed


By now a lot of you have figured out that Druxey, who modeled the Greenwich Hospital Barge of 1832, is none other than David Antscherl. He has put all of his notes and photos on paper and SeaWatchBooks has just published it as a book. Go to seawatchbooks.com for more information.




Bob Friedman

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I think most of the members that have been here more than a few months are aware of who Druxey is, but it's good that he has been officially outed.   I would much rather address him by name and had nearly done so a dozen times over the past few years. Thanks for doing this project with him.



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Well after over 2 years here I didn't know until I was looking at the Seawatch Books site.  I must be a bit slow  :)




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I'm assuming D(ruxey)avid wanted to "come out" as he was quite obvious in his last few postings.

The dots were there with bold lines connecting them.


Richard, don't feel bad.  My darling wife (the super sleuth) discovered it before I did!

Alan O'Neill
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