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HMS Convulsion paint scheme

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Regarding the Caldercraft bomb ketch HMS Convulsion, could I paint her outer sides in yellow ochre and black trim ( like the Nelson chequer design, which I admire so much  ) and still have a reasonably accurate model? Or should her sides be left basically in a natural wood ( as shown in the kit illustration )?

Thanks for any advice you can supply me with.

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The HMS Granado,  Anatomy of the Ship color cover shows her with natural wood above the waterline, except for the wales, cap rails and the stem above the waterline, which are shown in black. Below the waterline, everything is shown in white. She's another bomb ketch, built in 1742.


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My general impression is that the yellow ochre was much commony in 1804 than when the Grenado was launched in 1742. I also believe that the smaller vessels were more likely to be painted in non-standard colors than major fleet units

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