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SHADOW by Omega1234 - Scale 1/300 - Luxury 60m Mega Yacht - Finished

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Hi folks!


Thanks for all of your Likes and comments!


Well, she's getting there, albeit slowly.  It may not actually look like there's been a lot done since my last update, but a lot of the work has been devoted to building more cabins and a myriad of other fine measurements and trimming of bits and pieces here and there.


Anyhow, I thought you may like to see where she's at via the following photos.


Have a good week!





2017-03-28 21.59.44.jpg

2017-03-28 22.00.24.jpg

2017-03-28 22.01.20.jpg

2017-03-28 22.04.24.jpg

2017-03-28 22.06.03.jpg

2017-03-28 22.06.11.jpg

2017-03-28 22.08.30.jpg

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17 hours ago, pete48 said:

Incredible work Patrick , You sure have become a Mega Yacht Builder, Well done 


Best Regards, 



15 hours ago, mtaylor said:

I'm in awe, Patrick.   Gob-smacked as it were.  


14 hours ago, captainbob said:

Most of us would stop with the outsides done as you have it now.  Well done.




11 hours ago, rwiederrich said:

Good night nurse!  Patrick...


Well done and all that detail in shucha small exploded version.  Great concept...fine execution.B)

Adding the furnishings will be something entirely.:P




4 hours ago, Greg the peg leg sailor said:

G'day Patrick 

Bloody amazing results on the rooms layouts mate. Now the fun part starts......... can't wait!



Thanks Pete, Mark Greg, Rob and Greg!


It's fantastic that you're enjoying Shadow's journey.  Lots of waters still to be crossed, but it's been calm and enjoyable so far.


All the best!





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Hi everyone


I hope you're all enjoying your weekends!


Woohoo!!!  I decided to take a break from doing the cabin layouts to work on the fitting out of the Main Saloon.  Although it's still early days, Shadow now has the main settees (albeit, minus their cushions, which will be added later), four small rectangular coffee tables on the blue floor mat, and the main dining room table, complete with 14 dining chairs.  


Lots of fun to go, folks!


I hope you enjoy the following photos.





2017-04-01 21.42.31.jpg

2017-04-01 21.42.43.jpg

2017-04-01 21.43.01.jpg

2017-04-01 21.43.34.jpg

2017-04-01 21.44.21.jpg

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G'day Patrick 

Bloody incredible work mate. I would assume that you are using a mask- to stop your normal breathing to blow over those pins head size chairs! What a tedious job! 

That last photo with your hugh thumb says it all.

Oh don't forget to put some mags on the coffee tables, along with champaign classes and a bottle of bubbly, when you do the cushions. 

Outstanding work mate.

havagooday tomorrow 


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Hi Folks!


Just a very quick update for you all.  I've added a bit more detail to the Main Saloon; namely the side cabinets and two small single armchairs that are situated at the rear of the saloon.  And...just to add a bit of life to the scene, I've deliberately placed the dining table chairs in a haphazard fashion, just to give the impression of the guests leaving the table in a hurry.  Maybe it was something they ate???


Also,if you look closely enough, in one of the photos you'll notice that I've added the individual placemats on the saloon table.


They're admittedly hard to see because they're so tiny, but trust me, they're there!





2017-04-05 21.27.05.jpg

2017-04-05 21.27.13.jpg

2017-04-05 21.27.43.jpg

2017-04-05 21.42.04.jpg

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Thanks Lawrence


I really appreciate your comments and thanks for catching up on Shadow's progress.


I must admit that, like you, I'm also amazed at just how tiny Shadow is in real life.  In fact, as I'm used to seeing her all day, I kinda take it for granted, until that is, I look at the photos of me holding her...and then I realise, yep, she's tiny!


Thanks for looking in and have a great weekend.





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