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Royal Caroline question


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I am working on the Panart Royal Caroline. They include a brass sheet with various bright work:




I am used to working with photoetch but this one has me stumped. The green area is raised. It seems to be a paint coating rather than a peel-off layer. How does one work with this?


I was given another partial Caroline kit and it has thin laser cut wood:



How do I go about dealing with this? (Sorry for the crappy photo)


Any ideas will be very much appreciated.


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The brass etch is, I believe, from older kits (mine had it and the kit was bought 15 or so years ago).  The blue is the "resist" coating used so that the relief can be etched into the brass.  The easiest way to remove it is with fine "wet and dry" abrasive paper used wet (very wet!) wrapped round a block of wood.  Do this before you cut out the pieces so you get rid of all the "blue".  If you wish you can then use a very fine abrasive paper or even polish the brass to get the finish you require.


Cut the pieces out with either snips or strong scissors - this may lead to a little curling.  If this happens turn the curled pieces over and gently tap them flat with a light hammer.


Paint the "background" of the pieces - quite roughly if you like - and then repeat the abrasive routine to get rid of the excess paint.  This will leave you with nice clean edges to the paintwork.


I have appended a couple of pictures of my finished brasswork:








The wooden parts are either laser cut or milled and are the more recent offering with the kits as far as I am aware.

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the better way is to rebuild this part ,it's what i do..

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current build:   royal caroline


buid finished:  la recouvrancehttp://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/3025-la-recouvrance-by-ofencer29350/page-2?hl=recouvrance

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