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Papegojan by Mati - 1/48 dutch pinnace 1627

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Thank you for the added information Matt. I loved seeing you creating your our finish. Too me its a lost art of this hobby and wood working in general.


I've seen oil paints also used as colorants, typically the umber's and sienna's. I've also come across the use of mineral oil, olive oil, tung oil and other oils in researching the internet.

One interesting thing I have found is the use of a hairdryer to mildly heat the wax so it penetrates the wood after application and before buffing. As with anything penetration is going to be wood dependent.


As for the smell, as a chemist I'm use to the smell of organic solvents I suppose. Acetone is the only one I really don't care for the smell to much. Ventilation is always the key in making preparations. I find the natural and ancient finishes very interesting, including the art of shellac and French polishing. I guess it is just the explorer in me. Thanks again and your ship is going to be quite fantastic, as it already is and its not near completion. I'm looking forward to watching as you progress.

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You have my word that model someday 'll be finished ;)
As Awas wrote above I'm "seaman" and when I'm coming back home after 6 months contract for 2 months off not every time I have time to sit and "push" work ahead.
I'll try to do something this time, becouse I have 2,5 months off...

At least I'll try... ;)

Best regards and thank you for intrest!!

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Hi fellows!!  :P 
I noticed that some of my photos are missing so I uploaded them again... for those who look into that log ;)

This time I have small update as well... anchors (brass cut out from sheet using water-jet)
They still need final polish.




Also... 800kg of pear wood :)




Not much this time... but I'll try more next time :D



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Yamsterman thanks for comment.
Do you have any problem with pear wood in UK? 
What about Swiss Pear?
I'm using just ordinary pear wood cutted out from the field :P
Wild one is the best :D

I don't have any supplier... I'm just looking for opportunity. 


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This time I have for you lantern :)
Idea was to create something which look like lantern just a little :)

A little bit of photoetched details and some other brass parts.

Soldered with copper paste.

In total it's 28 pieces excluding candle  B) 

Finish layer of micro-crystalline wax.

Enjoy ;)

















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Thank you Greg.

Regarding to blacken technique. 

I'm using Brass Black solution from Birchwood Casey.
Very good and permanent effect... but provided after very careful cleaning (no dust, grease, fouling)
As a finish layer after blacken I used to apply microcrystalline wax for time protection ;)

Potassium Polysulphide or Liver of Sulfur it's smelly thing but it's working fantastic on copper and you can apply straight on wood without stains.
I'm using LoS in gel. Small drop diluted with drop of water you can apply straight on detail. After a moment you just need to wash it with water (I'm using wet brush)


I hope it'll help ;)

Kind regards,


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Hi Mati


I stumbled today on your log ...

...  and I almost can't believe what my eyes see - MSW really knows some superlatives - but looking at your siteI'm speechless!


With pleasureI will follow your workshop.


Best regards!


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Thak you Mike for you kind comment ;) I really appreciate that somebody is following my build.

Ok... another episode ;)

This time 3 pound gun carriage. 1 from 12 ;)

On the 1 page you can see gun carriages which I made long time ago... and I'm glad that all of the previous are hidden under the deck :D In those days I thought that they look ok. I should slap myself for that :D

So... gun carriage after face lifting :)

Wood: pear
Metal parts: brass and copper

For rope I used polyester thread.

Thank you :)












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