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Hello Les here. I completed a Dumas barrel back runabout boat 2 years ago. I thought I did my best to glue up all the planking before doing the high gloss finish. However the planking has developed a crack between one of the planks. Does anyone have any advise on how to repair this issue? Keeping in mind this a finished model. Any help would be of great help. Thnx Les.

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Hello druxey. Les here. The hull is mahogany and was finished with a rattle can of Varathane then polished out. A hair line crack has developed between two of the planks along the hull on one side. The wood was stable old growth mahogany that I replaced because the kit supplied material was way too porous for the scale. I purchased two quarts of the correct stain that is used for Chris Craft boats. The thought of stripping this kit down and refinishing is giving me the dry heaves. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thnx Les.

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Hi Les, this repair will be difficult because of the Varathane.  

Clean out the crack with a dental pic

Make some saw dust from left over mahogany

Mix in some glue with the saw dust so it is like the viscosity of cream 

Work it into the crack and let it set for 2 days

Carefully sand the area and protect the the finish outside of the area with painters tape or similar

Spray Varathane to the repair, a couple of light coats, per instructions on the can (mask off the rest of the boat)

remove the tape, and let dry for a couple of days, then examine the repair.


You may have to wet dry sand the area with 1200 sand paper to blend it.


Good luck.                    Duff  

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Hi Duffer. Thank you for the advice. My issue is this. Because this  boat is a barrel back there is no clean break to mask out for respray without build up on the tape out. Thats going to create issues with the sprayed thickness transition. Not like an automobile where you have crown lines to make the break for repairs. I have buffed out many canopies for aircraft withe the Novus system and dipped with Future for a clear see through finish. My concern is how to polish out the repair to make it seamless. Thnx Les.

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