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HMB Endeavour by cobra1951 - OcCre - 1:54

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Think it's time to start a new build log :)

As usual first thing is a homemade slipway to keep the keel straight


Glue the two halves of the keel together



There are two strengthening parts to fit to the joint but not yet



Built the slipway first



Keel without the strengthening parts fitted



Keel now square to the slipway



Cut a slot in the slipway to allow the strengthening pieces to be fitted


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I'll watch along if you don't mine, I like the Occre brand kits. Should be better instructions than the Panart.....


Is that another Gun deck in the background ?


Paul V


Hi Paul welcome :)

The instructions are far better than the Panart ones

The gun deck in the background is an almost finished one of the two i built before, as i started the slipway for this build a while ago but i have only just started the log

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Last part of the slipway build

Placed the keel in the slot in the slipway and dry fitted the bulkheads



Marked out where the bulkheads cross the slipway



Removed keel and cut slots where the bulkhead markings where



Replaced the keel and made sure bulkheads sat in the slots cut out for them



Checked that the bulkheads were clear of the base of the slipway insuring that they sat all the way down in their slots



Long winded way of doing it but by starting with two long strips and then cutting slots in them i know all the pieces are perfectly in line with each other (nothing like piece of mind before continuing)


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Good to see Bob,

Hope the kit comes with plenty of goodies for your build.

Will be watching out for the updates, I like seeing what others do with the Endeavour builds.


Dave R


Thanks Dave :)

Not too many goodies, in fact one little niggle about the kit is most of it is Lime wood and they tell you to paint it the colour of different woods :huh:


I will take a nose through your log later to see how the kits differ :)

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Thanks for all the comments and likes, greatly appreciated :)

All Bulkheads glued into place



All seems to line up length ways too



Used the straight edge on half the lower deck and marked it out for planking



Lined up the other half of the deck against it by sticking them down together with double sided tape and then transfered the markings across




Carefully removed the two halves from the double sided tape then laid a strip of planks along one edge then fitted and glued both halves to the keel and bulkheads

When it's all dried, deck planking will begin

Planks have been cut to 100mm in length and will be laid in a 5 butt system in a 13524 pattern


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The keel and bulkheads on this kit are only 4mm thick and after fitting the deck, the joints were a little bit flimsy, so i fitted some strengthening pieces to the joints



Lower deck planked and cross beams for the next deck fitted

There was no reason to plank this deck at all as none of it will be seen later, so i used some thinner planking and saved the kit supplied planking in case i need it later in the build



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G'day Bob, your off to a good start, never built an Occre kit before, so I will follow yours with interest,


  best regards John.


Thanks John :) . Seem to be good kits, materials are good and so are the instructions. The only little gripe i have is that they use Lime wood instead of Walnut and tell you to paint it to look like Walnut, but as the Occre kits are fairly cheap compared to some others then it's to be expected that they are saving money to keep the cost down ;)

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