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"Follow the topic"

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Well, call me an old fart in this matter, but am I the only one who liked the old version when it came of topics and how the system followed only to the topics you had responded to without doing anything?

Now I have to click and save the topics I am responding to. Sometimes I forget to click "Follow the Topic" and further down the road may have forgotten the topic "thread" I am following.

Any possibillities to this changed?

So once I have responded to a topic or thread I get the next responses without doing anything?

Just a humble question :cheers:

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Dr. Per you can sort of follow the ones that you've participated in using the "view new content" in the top right corner feature....

See the pic below (note the settings on the 3 circled items).


(i've participated in loads of conversations but I only follow about 6...meaning I can use the view new content to see all those conversations but I only get emails with update notifications on the 6 I actually follow) I find this a little better...


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Thank you all, the reason I posted this one I have tried all different ways to do this as simple as possible.



Dr. Per is banging his head to find a better way. :P


User of Windows 7 Pro, latest Firefox and latest Google Chrome along with latest IE. Nothing works for me.


Old machinery? :cheers:

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If you want to automatically follow topics you have posted in, click on your username at the top left of the screen, then click My Settings.  On the next screen you will see Notification Options on the left.  Click that.  On that screen you will see Topics & Posts with a check box next to Auto follow topics I reply to.  Check that box, and select the notification frequency in the drop down box.  Scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes and that, theoretically, will automatically get you notifications for any topic you reply to.


Good Luck!

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My Atari 512 STFm gave up on me, that with the bandstation and non number modem, otherwise I would be in the game! :)

In another sentence, I have it going and with automatic updates.

Thank you all for the support and down grading of PC units.

Now it really works. Double :cheers:



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