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Thank you friends for your replies.


Louie da fly: I don´t think it´s close to complete - I have to make the most important equipment for the sailing ship - sails :) and do the second part of running rigging, that´s quite a lot.


tkay 11: decks are made of strips of foils, and patinated with anilin water colors, then coated with matt colorless paint. see pics below.


Bowsprit is finally finished and rigged,  I hope I did it right. And now, as I mentioned, I can to start to make sails.










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I stand corrected - I thought you were making her without sails!


She looks brilliant without them, anyway, but there's a particular beauty about the shapes of the sails of ships of this period. It must be something to do with the proportions - a beauty that such vessels as clippers just don't have.

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Thanks friends for your replies !


Louie da fly: All my ships are with sails. Maybe there´s some kind of magic for me :) And, yes, you´re right.

flying dutchman2: thank you ;) Yes, fluyts were unique vessels , I think I did a good choice.


Sails are made. I used a piece of silk shirt.  At first I impregnated the cloth using the mix of glue / water 1/20. After drying I flat it, and cut sails  out. Then you can glue threads. Then I punctured sails for hanging, impregnated them once again and forming by fohn. That´s all. :) But it took a while.









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