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Help me decide which to build next


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As I near completion of my AL swift, I need to start thinking about my next build. I had planned on working a sergal president (fictional ship rigged sloop) i have on the shelf, but i just acquired a corel victory cross section. Which would be a better next step in improving my skills, considering the swift im almost done with?

Current build:

Constructo Enterprise 1799

Completed build:

Artesania Latina Swift 1805

Started but on hold:

Sergal President 1760

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I don't think it makes any difference. Any model you build should help to improve your skills. I'd suggest building the one that really excites you at the moment. I'm betting that's the cross section since you just acquired it.


Cheers -


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I agree with John, although, flipping a coin is a scientific approach too ;)  

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The cross section will give you a new set of skills: a square rig.


Also it's a quick build. Out of the box it's pretty inaccurate though.



Currently building: Model Expo AMERICA, A/L KING OF THE MISSISSIPPI


Completed: Mamoli Victory cross-section, Revell LSM (Plastic, in memory of Dad), A/L SANSON tug, MS Longboat (awesome model Chuck!), Dumas 1949 Chris-Craft 19' Racing runabout, A/L SWIFT, MS ELSIE, Constructo ELIDIR (now LOUISE), Midwest Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack, Amati 1:80 Yacht ENDEAVOUR, Mamoli CONSTITUTION cross section, Revell VIIc U-boat (1:72 plastic), lotsa other plastic ships 


Next up: who knows - there are too many to choose from!

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