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Shapeways 3D printed parts-What type paint do I need to use?

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Ahoy Mates


Just received some 3D printed parts for a scratch build I will be making of my Dads ship he served on in 1942-43 in Greenland. The Albatross Class Minesweeper AM72 USS Bluebird in 1/96 scale.


I purchased USN navy figures,Lewis air cooled macine guns and a 3"50cal Dual Purpose single Gun mounT. I have read some ways of cleaning and painting 3D printed parts but want to know if any body here has experience with these type of parts. And whats the best way to paint them,and which paint to use.


Here's what they look like. It's hard to see the fine details of the figures since they are in frosted white color.










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According to research on the internet. First set the parts out in the sun for a day. The parts are UV cured, and Shapeways does not always cure them long enough. Wash in hot soapy water, then rinse.  Prime with the paint of your choice. Enamels or acrylic, I'm not sure if  lacquer would damage it.

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