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Restoration of Bassett Lowke "Albertic" by michael mott - FINISHED - Scale 1:100

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On 2/27/2017 at 1:10 PM, michael mott said:

Simple answer it was knocked over, the base was tall with a very narrow longitudinal footprint.



I don't know if it would be acceptable as this is a repair, not a "renovation", but would you consider making a new, wider base to help prevent a re-occurrence of the accident?

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In my proposal to the client I suggested that when the model goes back on display in its new public space that a completely new and more stable display environment be considered. I gave them a number of alternate designs that would be appropriate. As the new space is being completely renovated over the next year I also recommended that the interior designers be involved in integrating the new display in the new public space. 

The original base is not going to be reused, and a completely new glass or plexiglass  cover will be incorporated. my recommendation is for glass as it will be better for long term maintenance and static control. 

I do not have control over the actual display method so can only make recommendations.



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catching up Michael.......you've made some great progress!   wish I had the tools to make stanchions like that......they look really nice.   it's a good thing you only have to remake a few of the davits.....imagine if you had to redo them all.........whooooo-boy!   glad to see the restoration is going well.   really something how damage can magnify,  when you pick it apart to repair ;) 

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Keith thanks for the link.

And a big thank you to all those who have been following adding a like to the posts.

Denis I had to do some careful number counting do do the first batch, now that i have modified my leadscrew hand wheel this second lot was much easier to make, it takes a few to get the sequences down but then it is just a matter of following the settings for each tool.




I have been plugging away at filling the holes on the side of the hull, I am almost there just a little more on the bottom side then to do the final painting and polishing. befor reinserting the portholes.





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Guest Riccardo1966

Meticulous detail, ingenuity at its best. Repairing and restoring models is more difficult by far, In IMHO than first building. Inspiring work to see.

Cheers Richard.


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Thank you all for your constructive and complementary comments, and for the visits.


The Saga continues.

I finished cutting out the parts for the new Davit. The 8x32 thumbscrews make it much easier on my fingers Allows me to concentrate more on following the line than being a human clamp.






All the parts cut and cleaned up.




And dry assembled I turned down the shaft from some 3/16 which allowed me to start at the small end which is .025" then the long part is .038" and the handle end .081" while it was still part of the 3/16 shaft i drilled the cross hole in the same way as for the sliding collar that moves the davit forward.

The picture shows the hole being drilled in the collar which was shaped afterwards in the pin vise with some #4 flat files.







The main frame side parts were annealed before folding, I needed to keep reminding myself that these parts were handed a left and a right (made that type of mistake too many times to count.)


Set them up in the new clamps in the third hand I am liking the difference between the two types the parallel one holding the side and the single screw one holding the centre plate, it takes a while sometimes to do the set up but I cannot imaging going back to the old unit with the crocodile clips




Used the Duz-all flux and a tiny flake of solder the hot air soldering gun and away she went. the next picture shows the other end after it was soldered.




After cleaning it up in some hot vinegar and baking soda with a toothbrush A coat of Modelmaster black enamel.







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Well thank you all for your encouraging comments and kind remarks.


Now that i am back working on the stuff that keep me up at night trying to figure out the next move, I have assembled the new davit and think it will be OK when hidden among the rest.




The next up in the line of the other davits that have been straightened out. The new davit is the one closest.







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Nils thanks and thanks to everyone who has quietly visited, it is encouraging to know that the work is being followed.


The next tackle was the next most damaged davit it was quite well bent in a couple of spots.





The winder was badly bent and the frame twisted with the solder joint fractured, this was not going to be able to be fixed as a single element so I decided to take it apart. the first task was to drill out the riveted end of the arm where it joins the frame.




Using one of the small toolmakers clamps set up in the small vice on the drill I was able to drill enough of the riveted head away to remove it still leaving enough to reassemble it later.




The frame assembly now needed to be taken apart in order to extract the bend shaft.




Using the air soldering gun and capturing the frame in the small steel clamp in the third hand the one end fell away easily




slipping the long part of the shaft into a pin vise enable me to bend the handle end back in line with some fine needle nose pliers.






the frame part that was still bent now needed to be straightened so that it could be mated back to the rest of the frame, this was done again with a couple of pairs of needle nosed pliers using them as miniature vises.




next the unit needed to be re soldered together I used Duzall flux and a flake of soft solder




the hot air gun was used to re-solder the joint.




I have cleaned and repainted it and put it back together and now it is looking new and old again.






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John Thanks, there are still a few more bit that need to be made here and there but I am getting through them.


Keith, have a look at this unit

It is the one that Wefalck recommended, I purchased it online and it has both the basic soldering and the air soldering which is very useful.



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