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Yacht Jolie Brise and Lighthouse Fastnet Rock by IgorSky – BOTTLE – Scale 1/3000 - Finished

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Hi everyones!

First of all I want to thank to Piet. His miniature diorama in some way inspired me to this mini project.

From time to time I have a desire to try their skills in the direction of further miniaturization of shipbuilding in bottles. Here, a short history of one of these small projects.
The flask with strange shapes, reminiscent of a heart with an asymmetrical arrangement of the neck, lying in a drawer of my desk for a long time, but I did not have any specific ideas for using it as a receptacle for the construction of a model in a bottle ... And then ... As always, the idea came unexpectedly - sea, rock, lighthouse, boat.
On this photo this flask is in the center


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Choosing a boat and lighthouse prototypes came somehow by itself - I like this combination in a long time and I even tried to draw them.

So, I started this project with the building of boat. Based on the size of the interior space, the scale is around 1/3000.

I started to build a boat in almost the same technology as the rest of my models. First I made the deck from several small strips of pear, which I previously whittle away with sandpaper to 0.3 mm. The deck is also the basis for the above-water part of the body. Then I glued the boards of black hornbeam.



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Well, Igor...just when I thought it couldn't possibly get any smaller, you come up with this teeny tiny beauty!!! 

A little masterpiece! 

Well done. 



Many thanks, Patrick!

Each time, I also think that I has reached the limit... But then it turns out that we can go a bit further :)

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Many thanks all who was enjoying this mini-project!

Subject of miniaturization long been interested in me. And gradually I am moving in this direction.

In the course of this project I had some new ideas that I will check later.

However, already a need to find other materials and other tools, other methods.


Thank you for your feedback, the words of encouragement and your interest!

Best Regards!


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