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HMS Victory by Glennard - DeAgostini Model Space - 1/84 scale

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My Caldercraft Victory build has been in the dry dock for 18 months and I'm not sure if and when I will return to it as I'm waiting for the release of Chris Watton's HMS Victory build which I'm really looking forward to building.


I'm currently working on HMS Pegasus but thought it would be fun to also build the Model Space 1/84 scale model of HMS Victory using the 24 month subscription. I choose this kit because there are some really useful youtube videos and it looks an really interesting build.


I have now taken delivery of my first month subscription and I'm now look forward to making a start on this build.


Pictures of the instruction manual

post-7550-0-22033600-1477662622_thumb.jpg post-7550-0-06740200-1477662853_thumb.jpg



Pictures of the parts received with first delivery

post-7550-0-63386200-1477662635_thumb.jpg post-7550-0-16188600-1477662647_thumb.jpg

post-7550-0-44810300-1477662656_thumb.jpg post-7550-0-34950000-1477662770_thumb.jpg



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I'm planning on taking my time with this build, unlike my other builds.


I started with fitting part 12 to the keel.



I used a set square to ensure part 12 was fully square with the keel as the glue was drying.



This picture shows other the HMS Pegasus build as well



Once the glue had dried I then added bow former part 8 to part 12



Thought it would be nice to show a picture of my other HMS Victory build which is on hold



Once the glue was dry I then added the bow former part 9 to part 12. I used a set square to make sure both part 8 and part 9 were correctly installed.




I have also made a start on the first 12 pounder cannon. I'm now waiting for the glue to dry before proceeding further




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Had a bit more spare time this evening so I decided to assemble parts 13 13a, 13b & 14, 14a, 14b. I used a sanding stick before the assembly phase to remove the rough edges.


Part 13 glued & clamped



Part 14 glued & clamped



Parts 13 & 14 after glued has dried and clamps removed



Also painted the 12 pounder gun carriage.


Edited by Glennard

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Made a little bit of progress this morning.


First I completed the assembly and painting of the first 12 pounder



I then fitted keel part 1 with keel part 2, using the additional support brackets which I clamped whilst the glue was drying




After that I installed the remaining bow former parts 10, 11 and 11a. I used a set square when installing each part to ensure the parts were level.




Finally I assembled parts 7 and 7a and then fitted to the bow, ensuring the parts were fitted the right way up and this assembly was clamped whilst the glue dried.




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Today I started work on one of the anchor assemblies.


First task was to file a notch in the two half's of the main beam to accept the anchor. I simply marked the centre point and used a suitable needle file to make the required notch.



I kept dry fitting the anchor during the filing process and once I was happy the notches were the correct size I glued and clamped the assembly together ensuring I also fitted the anchor rope ring.



Once the glued had dried the clamps were removed. The assembly is now ready for painting (black) and after the painting I will add the whippings and anchor rope.


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I've made a little bit more progress on this build. First of all I have attached the final keel section.


Here are the before and after pictures




I have also made a start on assembling the launch. The first task was to add two supports to the launch jig




I then assembled the bow frame assembly



Finally I added the launch frames to the jig, ensuring each frame was set square.









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Spent today planking the launch. It was reasonably easy, and I found it best to use CA glue.


I started with two planks at the top, and added two planks from the keel






The hull is now ready for sanding. Before I start the sanding process I intend to mix some watered down wood glue with planking sawdust to fill in the gaps. I have also ordered Mr. Primer Surfacer 1000 which I will use to prime the hull before painting.






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I found some time to continue on with this project, which I'm dovetailing with my HMS Pegasus build.


I'm currently waiting for delivery of subscription pack 2 before I can move on with the main HMS Victory build so today I worked on the launch. I started by giving the hull a good sanding and then applied a primer. I then fitted the wales and also applied a couple of coats of white paint.





Once the paint had dried I then proceeded to remove the launch from the build jig and then sanded the excess jig wood so I'm now left with the basic launch which is now ready for me to add all the internal fittings.




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