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City of Monroe by cborgm – Scale ¼” to foot - Western River Steamboat - Finished

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Everyone must be on vacation. I haven't seen anything new in any of the riverboat threads. I think cathead is still in the drawing stage, but i haven't seen any update so I thought that I would add a small one. Looking back i also have not done any updates and really haven't taken any real pictures, but have made some progress as the picture shows.IMG_0331.thumb.JPG.876e3467764ac6fbdb934445b713259d.JPG


If anyone is interested there are 719 railing columns.(60ft of 1/6 in dowel) That means 1440 1/6 holes, which used two 1/6" bits. I still have quite a bit of detail and fixture stuff to do plus all the stern. I have all the lighting done, and have toned it down a little.

You will have to excuse all the junk, but since the model is 49 inch long I don't have any place to put it for pictures. I gave my son my model of the "San Filipe" and going to use that space when completed.IMG_0332.thumb.JPG.e6114a26aeca8f2b6c6208393df03e64.JPG


The wheelhouse is done except for the roof. (neglect the junk on the roof.)


For those still out there stay in touch, and if there are any new threads I am not aware of let me know.






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I know that I am really not finished with the model, but I am declaring it done. I’ll be 87 in two weeks, and my hands and eyes aren’t what they were in the late 70’s when I started doing this.

I have the ship in it’s new home in my den so it is a little hard to take some pictures but have included some that give you an idea of how it turned out.      .roughIMG_0353.thumb.JPG.459288f699bc165e1416ac5ea6ce53dd.JPG





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I may semi retire . Going through all the junk I have I found that about a year ago out of curiosity I bought a paper model of the Australian Paddlesteamer "Penesey'. When it cam in the mail I never opened it, but just "filed it away". It says that anyone older then 12 ( I qualify ) and more experienced builders can build the advanced version included. I opened it up and it looks interesting so I am going to give it a shot. I see that there is a forum for paperboats so if I make decent progress I'll put something up.

 a few more better pictures of the Monroe. I see that I have to make the name decals for the Wheel house so I will try to finish them.




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Thanks for the comments, but if you look at it close the workmanship lacks in several areas.

In all the models I have built I never used gloss paint or stain. I think it adds a certain “phoniness” to them. I guess gloss doesn’t scale to well.

I know that you were a big part in stepping up the interests in riverboats on this site. First with your log on the Bertrand, starting the General log on steamboats, and your current work on the Arabia.

Thank you I’ve learned a lot from your effort. Keep it up

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Pretty much every model has workmanship flaws if you look close. Mine sure as heck do. Part of what I enjoyed so much about this one was your combination of freelanced accuracy; you created something of your own but still a very realistic representation of the type.


Your words are kind, too, but I'd say Glenn Grieco was the biggest draw of interest before he had to give up the build log.

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