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Nails question from a newbie


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Hello all:

I recently purchased Corel's Dolphyn wooden kit. This is my first build after a 20 year hiatus. There is a bag of quite a few brass nails in the kit. I have searched the forums and can't find a definitive answer as to what they are used for. I have completed the first layer of hull planking. I may be wrong but I don't think the nails are used for planking. Any thoughts?


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Nick is right. The nails are only used temporarily while the glue has dried. Also good for using pins to attach deck furniture ie, Bitts and bollards. Simply drill a hole in the base and into the deck. Insert and glue in a nail with the head removed. Gives extra strength.

Regards, Scott


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I do the same............I use them over and over.   I have two sizes....7 mm,  which I use a pin pusher to insert them,   and 10 mm,  which has a better defined head to them.   I don't use them for planking {there isn't a pin pusher for them},  but they can be used for rivet detail,  levers for fishing boats winches and dash boards.......and yes......the all helpful locator pin.   I also stick one in the bottom of the mast,  for when your setting the rake....put mast in hole,  set the vertical and rake,  and press in place.  the pin will mark the placement hole......not too hard to find afterwards. 

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I've got the same model, still on hold -trying to get some motivation to continue and a lot of other things on my mind - I didn't use a single nail (there weren't  any in the kit either). I used push pins and rubber bands for both layers.


Will you start a log?



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When I planked the AL 1851 America, should had been double planked I used nails, that I inserted half way to keep the plank in place while the glue was drying. Once dried, I cut them off at the plank area, a little tap on top of that and the nails were as good as invisable. Specially with paint job on top of it.

To conclude my input, when I started building America, I didn't have any CA glue which helps tremendously when it comes to planking.

And I didn't add on with a second layer.


Carl said, "Will you start a build log?"

I would suggest " You start a build log, if you running into problems - just highlight them and you will get helped.


Oh, I forgot the most important part, A warm :sign: 


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