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Does my taffrail look historically accurate?

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I'm making a 3d model of a fictional 6th rate from around 1724 called the HMS Persephone, built to the 1719 establishment.  The original taffrail has always gave me problems and to be honest looked rather out of place, so I made a new taffrail.  I also wanted to capture the early 1700's style in the silhouette of the taffrail.  As for the transom later I plan on adding carvings of Persephone, Zeus, Hades and a few angle babies.


I'm concern it doesn't look historically accurate since I couldn't find any ships that look like this.  What do ya'll think?





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Hi Tim;


Ditto with Allan's comment on your drawing. 


One thing that springs to my mind immediately when I look at your stern is the window styles.  Very often,  the outermost windows were either slightly,  or very,  different to the central ones,  due to their being in the quarter galleries,  and not being part of the great cabin,  nor fixed between the stern timbers. 


All the best,


Mark P

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