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Model Shipwright Kit - The Cutter Speedy


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I acquired this 'kit' some time ago and have just started the build. I have already come up against a lot of issues so wondered if anyone else has done or is building this kit. It may be you are building from the plans which would be the same as the kit is near scratch build anyway.


The kit has a booklet by Bill Shoulder, a kit plan for bulkheads, keel and masts and some lovely plans which are taken from the originals in NMM.


The main problem is that you have to cut parts to the kit plans but work to the NMM plans for measurements. THEY DO NOT MATCH!!!


Bulk heads were provided but didn't match either and on remaking found that kit plans are not symmetrical to the centre line. Or course, as most kits seem to do, the bulkheads positions do not align with the body plans, Is this just to confuse the modeller?


Any help would be great.



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There were lots of Speedy builds on the Russian-speaking forums. However you'd need to use a web translation service to work your way through and see if your questions were answered, or join and ask the question. I can't speak Russian, but I have the book and the plans and decided against building it, partly because of the issues you raised. Maybe others with more knowledge than I on this forum can help here, but it may be you have to compromise and re-draw your plans, or not try to match it to the NMM measurements. It should be easy enough to do with a free CAD or drawing programme. As far as I understand it bulkhead positions in POB models are more a matter of convenience and don't relate to station positions -- if that's the concern you have.


It'll be interesting to see you you sort this one out, as it might stimulate me to have another look!

Good luck!


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