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brucealanevans carving attempt #1 - #11 blade

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I'm waiting for an order from Chuck to continue running rigging and sails on my C W Morgan, so I thought I'd give this a try.

Used glue stick to fasten carving to a cheap wood plaque my wife picked up to try some paint/stenciling on (the reverse side) and now I'm ready to go. Also fastened down the scrap piece to practice on including best way to remove the char.

Until Syren order comes, I'll play with this.


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I worked on the scrap piece a bit. Experimented with removing the char, as well as getting a feeling for working with the grain. Also interested in how long the xacto blade tip stays sharp enough to remove thin shavings  -  hint; by the time I did this much, the blade needed to be changed earlier.

The work was on the two straight edges bottom and left, and the part of the curves near the lower left corner. First removing the char which worked best shaving from above at a slight angle to create a sloping side, then rounding after that.

I am getting a feel for this to a small extent.

I'm using an optivisor and would not be at all comfortable trying this only with my (old) unaided eyes with reading glasses.


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