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WDButler carvings

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Beautifully done, William. It's certainly easier to do this on a flat surface vs. on the model. Are you going to add the balustrades? That should be challenging.


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The 3-D definition is lovely.  Please share the tutorial.


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All my carvings are made of boxwood


Ok lads n lasses, the stern band. I thought a lot about how to do this, it seemed to me to be very tricky to get right with its symmetrical and fragile shape but when I came up with this idea of how to make it it turned out to be the easiest piece i`ve carved.


The band passes under the stern emblem in the centre, this allowed me to make it in two pieces



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this is the marked point where i started the teethy things. so when you look at the finished band it looks perfectly symmetrical, and its not bad, but any discrepancy would be at the centre hidden behind the main emblem



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as for the balustrades Greg i have dabbled with them, the problem is that they are not round and they are all cut at different angles. so heres a couple of pics of the different shapes, one is of the centre balustrade next to an ordinary pin for scale the other is of the centre balustrade and the other is the extreme right one



rules there is no rules



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That is wonderful....but please lets keep the topic at hand focused on relief carving and decorative works.  



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ok Chuck, dont have much in the line for leaners. but anything i put on my blog can be of help to beginners, they dont and shouldn`t dive in at my level but they can always look in, this is my free advice, and i know when i was learning i searched everywhere for everything on carving and to be honest there wasn`t much!!. So with no further ado here`s the different stages on my HMS Victory sheild











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