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Desktop water cutter

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Someone on another forum brought this to my attention: 






... it's a desktop computer controlled water cutter. Most water cutters are as large as whole rooms and cost tens of thousands of dollars, but this one fits on a rather large desk. The advantage of water cutting over laser - no burn marks, and it can cut steel. 


I am not sure whether this would be useful for our hobby ... water might cause ply to warp. But it certainly seems inexpensive enough for a rich hobbyist or a small manufacturer to buy one and try. 

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you are going to need  filters an aircompressor a recirculating pmp extra.  We had one where I worked and it was in constant use.  Depending on the abrasives you added to the mix we cut everything from rubber and belting to 5/8 dieboard maple, 3 inch shock pad and 1/4 steel plate.  You will need something to keep the pump cool because it would get hot.  Unless you are going into production.

David B.

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Quite interesting and could be very useful Keith, but I think I will save my pennies for a 3D printer :)


I thought about buying a 3D printer too, Pat. But the last time I looked (a few years ago), the finest resolution of any affordable printer is unacceptably rough. And then I would have to learn how to use a CAD program. I decided it would be cheaper to pay someone to 3D print parts for me. 

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