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Paints available in Australia

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I am looking for period appropriate colour paint for the Le Renard kit I'm working on. Going to try and match the colour on the full size replica.




Does anyone know if these are any good/appropriate? As a further challenge I'm colour blind which makes choosing paints always a challenge (not to mention clothes etc)

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Hi Tom,


Far less humid down in Adelaide !


For great advice and a vast array of colours, you cannot go past the Games Workshop stores (I see there are stores in Queen Street Brisbane and at Chermside to name just two). They will advise you on wet brushing and dry brushing. You are guaranteed of getting just what you want.



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Hi Tom


Miniature Steam - also based in Melbourne selling online - also stocks Admiralty Paints. These paints are acrylic, have excellent coverage, are historically accurate

and work very well in an airbrush. Link below.






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I've recently started using Vallejo acrylic paints and they are excellent. Their main range is called Model Colour, which can be brushed as is or thinned to use in an airbrush. They also do a range called Model Air, which is designed to be used in an airbrush without thinning, though I understand that some folks do thin them anyway. The colour range is extensive; if you know the standard international designator for the colour you want (I can't remember what the dsignator system is called) you will be able to find it, or a very close match in the Vallejo range. That should help with your colour blindness. Most local hobby/toy stores seem to carry the Vallejo range.

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Over many years I have used enamels, and laquers - Floquill, Humbrol, and even indoor alkyd trim paint mixed in "historic colors." All produced results that I considered to be satisfactory with varying levels of difficulty.


After reading articles written by Eric Ronnberg and Rob Napier in the Nautical Research Journal I decided to try acrylics artist's colors on my latest project. I have been mixing these to develop my own colors that I believe to be period correct. I mix the colors from the tubes to make the pigment. I add some matt medium, and then thin with water for a consistency that will work with my air brush. Thicker mixes can be used for brushing.


I am sold on this approach. By spraying multiple very thin coats runs are not a problem. Clean up is easy, and the paint dries quickly. The paint produces a smooth egg shell finish that works with my 1:32 modeling scale. It was surprisingly easy to mix colors by eye. The colors are available at any artist supply store.



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