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Mariquita 1911 Fife yacht sails

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Working on a drawing of the Fife yacht Mariquita.

Tons of photos available. So with enough care and patience it should be possible to get each sail seam, reinforcement and gusset in just the right place. But............

No one photo has a perfect view of the complete set of sails. So it takes multiple pictures. You got to make sure the different photos you use were taken at the same time. The sail plans on yachts are always being tweeked. So if you have a sail plan from 2006 and you are trying to put the cloth arrangement from a 2014 photo, it may not work. The 2014 sail may not be the exact same shape as the 2006 plan shows.


No reason in the world to go into how I have come by this particular "epiphany"

Drown you may, but go you must and your reward shall be a man's pay or a hero's grave

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