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Oxidized. You could go with very dark grey or any sort of dark brown. The bright shinny brass pins seen on many models cant represent a real world belaying pin, nobody is going to be polishing all those pins all of the time unless its an obsessive yacht owner. And if you think about what a belaying pin does and what it is for, a gleaming frictionles surfaces is NOT going to be helpful for belaying a line so it will stay where it is put. The whole point of a pin is to fix the line in place at a specific point on its length and not allow this line to move at all. If the pin is supper polished the line on it will be much more likely to render, as if it had been greased. Its true that three turns on ANY pin should fix the line in place by utilizing its OWN friction- the degree of friction caused by the pin should not matter. But in getting the first two turns on the pin the sailors are NOT going to want the line to freely render so easily.

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