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Le Soleil Royal by EJ_L - FINISHED - Sergal - Scale 1:77 - 1669 Version

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Working on these decorative pieces (not sure what they are called) on either side of the bow. I have a couple of ideas for how I am going to shape them and what all will be included for the details. Just a matter of figuring out the how... Should be an interesting week in the shipyard! 😀


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And fitted into place. Still have work to do but, the rest will be done in place. Bracing to the knee of the head and the carved cathead braces are next up. I also have horse head figures that arc over the curved upper portions and I’m debating on the figures that rest aft of these pieces. 


The main deciding factor on the figures tot he aft side is that they were never intended to be a part of this kit. Therefore, the gun port layout is not spaces to accommodate a figure between the first gun port and the curved piece. (I really need to find a name for these things... 🙄) Oversite on my part as I really didn’t take into consideration the decorations I would be making when I did the gun port layout. 


In order to make up my mind, I plan on sketching out the figure and seeing if there is a way I can fit her in the space available to me. If something works out, the carving knives will get to work and if not, well, she is still a beautiful ship and I will simply add it to the list for next time! 😀





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Back in the S.R. ship yard for a while. Planning on installing some furniture, canons and railings. First up are the catheads. Here are the start of the supports for them that extend down to the headrails. The catheads themselves have already been built so once these are carved and painted, I can assemble them and start on the forecastle railings. 


Good to be be back here for a while! Much more to follow! 😀




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Far too kind! Doris is definitely someone to aspire to as her work is beautiful pieces of art. 


The catheads and their supporting posts posts are in place. I also fitted, though not secured, the bow sprit. 


Next up are a bunch of small assemblies. Bitts, railings, knight heads, ladders and more canons. The decks will be coming alive over the next weeks. 


Thanks you all for the very kind words, likes and following along on this long journey. 





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Marc, Popeye, thank you for the compliments!


That other hull in the background is the Royal Louis, my other insanely large build. :) There is a link in my signature below to it. Come on over and pull up a chair, though make sure it is a comfortable one as that will be another very long build. 


Speaking of long builds, just this past weekend Soleil Royal completed her 2nd trip around the sun in the shipyard and last night I marked 1,330 man hours of work to date. I'm hopeful that she might get completed in 2019 but, with Royal Louis going on as well.... only time will tell. I'm in no rush and I keep getting tempted by some of the really awesome looking smaller projects that have been popping up lately. NRG's Oyster Sharpie and Syren's Medway Longboat and Queen Anne Barge have all been calling my name loudly for a different type of build as well as practice with full frame construction. I've also started to plan out some cross section builds of La Couronne and Soleil Royal to go with the completed full ship.


So many ideas, only so many hours. :)


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18 minutes ago, EJ_L said:

Quick update, cannon building this weekend. Ordered some blocks and rope to rig them which I should have by next weekend. Getting the remaining carriages built and will start installing the dummy guns soon. 


"Snap"   Im  canon  building at the moment also,    but havn't as many to build as your good self.



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What are your impressions of the Syren line, EJ?  I've read nothing but good things about it.  In my living situation, space comes at a premium, so I'm less inclined to build a rope walk and make my own line, but maybe...


I was thinking Syren's line would be my big splurge.

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I love their ropes. I replaced most of the rigging on la Couronne with it and was very glad I did. They are clean with tight and uniform twists. Plenty of sizes to choose from so they fit nearly any scale and three different colors. You will need to recoil them when you get them. They are packaged in a nice coil but, in order to avoid tangles, you should rewind them around a bobbin or tube. 


The ropes work well. They are not overly stiff with coils that want to defy gravity and act like rope should. Not overly slick so they tie and hold knots well. All of those factors add up to create a rope that allows for beautiful and realistic details in very small scale rigging. 


I dont think they are unreasonably priced. For the larger builds like these first rates, you will need a lot of line but, to set up a rope walk, buy the materials and take the time to make all of that rigging yourself, in my opinion, the price is well worth it. I have enough tedious micro builds that I don’t want to worry about making rope. Plus he has very fast delivery as long as the materials are in stock. Even when not, they are good at getting the orders filled and out in a timely manner. 


I will recommend the serving machine though as it is a great tool for serving the lines that need it. You can also use some of the junk line from the kits to serve over. 


Here is is how I recoil my ropes. I take the cool from the shipping package and carefully spread it out between two binder clips. Then I unwind it from the clips to a blank plastic bobbin. I bought a 25 pack of them at JoAnn’s (any store that sells sewing/knitting products will have them) years ago for $1 and have yet to go through them all as I can reuse them when they run empty. 



The rope in these pictures is the .012 (.30mm) rope which is one of the smaller sizes. I will be using it initially for the tackle on the guns. 

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Finished rigging the guns on the upper gun deck. With those installed I can install the bitts and the cradles for the ship’s boats. Also with the work on the gun decks wrapping up I can start building the railings for the forecastle, quarter and poop decks without as much fear of them being damaged. 



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