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Le Soleil Royal by EJ_L - FINISHED - Sergal - Scale 1:77 - 1669 Version

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4 hours ago, EJ_L said:

Thank you all very much for the nice words and likes. As always, it means a lot that you are enjoying the build as much as I am.


I am moving along this week though I've had to slow down some as I ran out of belaying pins. The kit supplied ones were never going to be enough for all the additional rigging the sails added, but I had what I thought was a healthy supply of extras from other builds that I could use. It turned out that I was about a dozen short. To add insult to injury, I am also out of small diameter dowels which is what I typically make them from. I do however have plenty of toothpicks and so that is what the new pins are being made from. 


I did at least have the foresight to count up the number of blocks I still needed and managed to get those ordered a few weeks ago from Syren before Chuck was forced to close due to Corona19. For anyone who has not attempted sails before, be prepared to triple the required blocks for the rigging, and I am omitting several that would actually be used. The number of blocks and their various types that would be used in actual on these ships is incredible. I intend on trying to put together an inventory of parts that are on this model for the display case as I think that those numbers will be very impressive.


I should have some more pictures this weekend as I hope to have the braces complete then. I have the fore braces in place and am working the main mizzen fittings now. Running the rope is the easiest part once all the blocks and pins are in place. Mapping out that route though takes a while.


E.J. Yes indeed adding sails, as I had sorta complained about when I decided to also add them to the Vasa, adds so much extra work, ropes, blocks, pins, etc. That said I became super motivated during that part of the build learning the specific purposes of each "new" rope.


These ships which were then the state of mechanical art - makes this hobby, for me (all of us), a wonderful new way to learn and keep mentally active by researching where these ropes should also pin on rails port & starboard. Great fun. My book library is getting large!


That said, we today can almost, in our minds eye, understand the "Beam me up Scotty" possibility a century or two from now. I doubt that captains of those ships could ever imagine machines crossing the oceans at 35,000' with all onboard sitting in chairs (I was going to add comfortable - well for some indeed) - along with only two upfront driving the machines at 570 mph. We did have Concorde 1/2 a century ago - 1,200mph...


Of course a 100 years from now folks will look back in history and say, "oh my! can you imagine all of those poor souls stuck like sardines inside an Airbus A380 for 13 hours going from Los Angeles to New Zealand"?  hahaha


PS: I was very low on ropes  glad that I got my order in from Chuck before he was forced to close. Otherwise current project would have ground to a halt.


Apologies for the added distracting notes - but with so much free time now well...


Stay well mate

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Latest update, I finished the braces for all yards. Only the fore and main course sheets left to go for sail rigging. I also dug the anchors out and will begin to assemble and install them. E76BE3A3-319D-4B13-B82D-67EDB2C0102C.thumb.jpeg.b908a5c0458fc07889079c3a62b9a5ce.jpegB643BF82-4FF5-4F44-B640-AC283BF9837B.thumb.jpeg.ad9e9855db5539ccc0587160ef6171d4.jpegEE2CE513-9649-4673-93B9-2762DF2D3006.thumb.jpeg.90557bc4a80122b54203ae73da20acf7.jpeg4E25E17D-5D45-4CDB-A851-AD2D2F421DB8.thumb.jpeg.d25ebfd5406e05865c93dd3123aac3b0.jpeg

On a side note, I received a new bonsai tree for my birthday and spent a little time this weekend pruning and shaping it as well as replanting some of the clippings to try to propagate new plants. 

As always, thanks for following along and I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. 

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It has been 3 years and 5 months, 2,225 man hours and Le Soleil Royal is complete. What a build this has been. First off let me thank you all for joining me on this project. The encouragement, and help along the way has been more valuable than I can say. There are plenty of things that I do not fully like on how they turned out, some may be replaced in the future, others I will try to improve upon on the next build. This one saw a lot of first time experiences for me with the carvings being done myself, sails and lighting. Only way to go is up from here! The last component that I will likely add in the future are the flags. I do not like the look of the ones that came in the kit, as they are really only printed on one side of the material. I am looking into having some different ones made, but that likely will not be able to happen until the coronavirus situation has passed. I will update if/when that happens. For now, here are some of the finished pictures, more will be posted in the gallery link below.


I am taking a few days to relax and enjoy the completed build as well as cleaning and reorganizing parts of the shipyard. Soon though, I will be returning to Royal Louis as she was set aside to finish S.R..













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Elijah, thank you so much!


As for the tracking of hours, nothing fancy. I simply make tally marks on the inside cover of the instruction booklet, crossing them off in sets of 25 for easy adding. I like keeping track of them in the booklet for the ship that way it stays with that models information when I file it away after completion.

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