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Where did "Bloody hell" come from? I read somewhere that the British were uncomfortable with that term "bloody" after WWII.


Like bloody red cent. Do y'all Britt's ever even say that? I don't or wouldn't give a bloody red cent...

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And I know a man that visited the US for the first time that was from China. I was teaching him some networking stuff and I had said to another guy, "Not for all the tea in China." in reference to me buying lunch.


I could not for the life of me get him to understand the irony.


We'd also heard that he was a great cook. He and I had a challenge of Shrimp. He made spring rolls thinking we'd want Americanized Chinese. I made Cajun Shrimp from a Recipe from Nola's in New Orleans. One guy that spoke only a few words of English kept saying, "So zesty!" Another said, "No more" as he ate another piece.


Next day I went to the house we bought for their visits, and he was on his hands and kneed rolling out the dough for pot stickers. The sauces we dipped them in were out of this world. He'd spent the day with a local Chinese man we knew who knew where to get the real stuff. I'll never tell him I think he won.

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Also liked the older version Mark; Measure twice, then wack it off with the axe.

thanks for the reminder.

  I worked for a Civil Engineering firm that also did a lot of Surveying, it was in the days when the engineering license holder also allowed the holder to do boundary surveys. Anyway, we had a hippy on one of the Surveying crews that often when we had a holdup would holler out, "When Confused or in Doubt, Run in Circles, Scream and Shout". Then would come  the long haired demo.


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