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Hi All,

My consideration is cutting losses especially with expensive lumber. Visit any molding mill and you’ll get a new appreciation of just how much lumber ends up in horse stalls bedding. Just about every woodworker, modeler, builder complains about wood quality and prices. So it make sense to minimize wood losses while still producing a high quality stock.

The days of circular sawmills is almost gone, replace by band saws some with teeth on both sides. The sawdust, wood chips, etc. is recycled into engineered wood products in many applications. So it make sense to me to follow their lead and use band saws and scroll saws to minimize waste $$.

Our case vary narrow wood strips = high cutting losses, planning, sanding losses so consider a 0.025” wood slicer band saw blade like Luthiers use versus a Byrnes thin 4” circular saw at 0.040-0.055. Simple math shows the band saw the winner by almost 2:1, not to mention number of teeth per blade. Now consider cutting speed, curved cutting, cutting thickness, footage between resharpening/new blades then decide. Check out blade maintenance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNi06buKa8w & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNi06buKa8w

Most 9” band saws (like Makita) will handle a 3.5” cut = more footage per/hour = more time spent model building. At $450 for Byrnes versus.

So let’s spend $467.00 and see what we can by @ Home Depot pick what is wanted, no you can it all;

  1. Ryobi 9”x3.5” band saw + 3 wood blade ($20) pack total $150
  2. Ryobi variable speed scroll saw $99 or Wen $88.25
  3. Ryobi 10” sliding miter saw easy cutoffs $169.00
  4. Ryobi 10” table saw if you just want one $129.00
  5. Skill 10” Bench drill press $125.00
  6. Rockwell Blade Runner (upside down table jigsaw) $99.00
  7. Makita compact router for making cases etc. $89.00
  8. Proxxon XY drill table clone on eBay $42.00 shipped
  9. Rotary tool flex cable eBay $7 extendable vertical hanger $4 circular saws 6 assortment $2.00
  10. Check out eBay’s power nail/dental tools for carving you might be surprised. I use a gift card & PayPal just for security sake but find China sellers more honest than stateside.


Now before someone decides to make me roadkill, yes there are far better tools, no these tools won’t last forever (will you?), likely you have one or more already so this is just a selection comparison. If you have a Byrnes saw great, just some modelers don’t have deep pockets, some are just starting out, and some have spouses. Other options are available like 4x36” belt sander easy to convert to thickness sander $89.50 and these are everyday prices watch for frequent sales. How about those imported kit prices ouch! Finally likely these prices will increase if China trade policies change who knows! Ed


What floats your boat?


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Between you and me, I doubt a Ryobi 9" bandsaw would be capable of sawing 3.5" thick wood for very long.  Also, while the blade may be 0.025" thick, cleaning up the sawn edges will take a lot of material off too. Ditto for the other saws.  If you really would like to save money, maybe you should try a Japanese pullsaw like one of the Vaughn Bearsaws, followed by a sharp handplane on a shooting board.




As for finding high quality stock at a reasonable price, I trashpicked a 60 y/o frame & panel exterior house door. After stripping/sawing off some paint, I had plenty of seasoned, stable pine that is totally clear with perfectly straight and extremely fine grain.  Until a few decades ago, doors were usually made from the finest grades of wood available.

Edited by Bob Blarney
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